Amanojaku, Physical attributes. Edit

Age Edit

3 yr. old

Gender Edit


Breed Edit

Giant Horned Viper

Length Edit

16 ft.

Girth (Diameter) Edit

11/2 ft.

Weight Edit

425 lb.

Venom characteristics Edit

Makes people become paralyzed and numb, seconds within the time the venom is introduced to the body. This is useful in capturing people, and one of the reasons why Katsuo likes to use him primarily for kidnapping people.

Physical attributes Edit

The scales of Amanojaku is a dull blue, like whenever the day fades into night. He has a black underbelly, which gives him a generally dark color. He has retractable fangs, which generally makes him seem like a safe snake whenever he opens his mouth, but can instantly become a menace given the sight of his fangs which can deeply pierce into the tender flesh of a person. His eyes are a lighter hue than his own scales, which kind of makes him look as though he has no eyes in some instances if you look at him quickly.

Miscellaneous Edit

Owner Edit

Katsuo Kaguya

Affiliation Edit


Behavior Edit

A bit narcissistic, Amanojaku is as deceptive as Katsuo can be. This is perhaps something that has brought the two together, ever since being brought with one another by the White Snake Sage. With his given abilities, Amanojaku often tells people to do evil things. This is sometimes a trigger for Katsuo to go insane or more so unstable, so the combination of them can be deadly. Amanojaku, due to being a wise person as well, often helps Katsuo in experimentation.

Jutsu list Edit


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