Amothmon Jirae
Sacred Song
EnglishAmothmon Jirae
ClassificationSpace-Time Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Shape Manipulation,
Hand Seals-
  • Summoning seals: Ram-Boar-Ox-Tiger-Snake
  • Activating Seals: Snake-Tiger-Ox-Boar-Ram-Clap Hands
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A highly destructive Space-Time Ninjutsu which uses multiple scrolls to summon, manipulate and hyper-compress chakra into a laser-like beam of obliterating force that surges down onto the enemy.


The Process

  • First step: (Preparation.) The user has to store large amounts of Chakra into five Scrolls, filling one scroll per day of investing all one's chakra or per week of investing smaller amounts of one's chakra throughout the days.
  • Second step: The user concentrates and summons five fuinjutsu seals which appear in mid-air around the targeted location as circular seals of glowing chakra vertically aligned above one another; each with a different color. Each of these seals has the unique effect of shape manipulation written into its highly complex formulas which all string together in one greater formula.
  • Third step: The user activates each seal to open it like a portal, in rapid succession, to summon the Chakra previously stored in each of the five scrolls, activating the seals one by one; starting at the top and ending at the bottom. With each seal being activated the amount of summoned Chakra is increased and then compressed in order to force it into a beam-shape.

The final amount of compressed force is of such density that shape manipulation had to be applied five times, through five insanely complex seals, to keep it from spiraling out of control and decimating the surrounding area. Thanks to the high level shape manipulation woven into the formulas of the seals, all that destructive power onto one specific location for a very powerful Finisher.

The user is also able to reduce the amount of seals spawned during the second step of the technique in order to make it less destructive/lethal. Summoning a smaller amount of fuinjutsu seals during the second step to access less scrolls. Only through this means can the Jutsu be used several times before the First step of the process has to be repeated.

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