Anchor Jump Technique

Chung-Ji's special ability is to teleport over a long distance between Chakra Anchors left in place by himself. These Chakra Anchors are tree trunks home to a substantial portion of Chung-Ji's Chakra left dormant until activation.

In order to teleport, Chung-Ji has to remain stationary and concentrated during one hour for each person travelling along. After which a Portal is created that leads to one of the two Chakra Anchors.

  • Travelling to a Chakra Anchor depletes the dormant Chakra and destroys the Anchor.
  • There's a maximum of two Chakra Anchors. (Creating an additional Anchor destroys the oldest Anchor.)
  • Portal-size is dependant on amount of people teleporting along Chung-Ji.
  • No more than 5 people, including Chung-Ji, can travel along.
  • The process can be sped up in 'dire' situations, draining a 25%-50%of the chakra reserves of everyone being teleported but ONLY by DM's discretion

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