Background InformationEdit

Birth: Ari was born to a loving mother and a stern but caring father in Amegakure. The father chose to be aloof and terse to toughen Ari up, something that the young lad would come to resent.

Early Life: Growing up and having a desire to surpass his father and show that he could live his own life successfully and not in the shadow of his father, he became determined to become greater than his 'celebrity ninja father'.

Academy Age: Ari entered the academy and had begun to develop his personality and mannerisms that were to the dismay of his teachers, but they knew he meant well. The father had gone off during this time leaving Ari at home with his mother and older sister, but that wouldn't last long.

Genin: Ari's father went missing while on an extended mission and his mother passed away, leaving Ari with his older sister to be the teacher of his family's jutsus and Ari determined to one day meet his father again and beat the snot out of him.

Chunin: Yet to be Written

Jounin: Yet to be Written

Sanin: Yet to be Written

S-rank: Yet to be Written

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Personality: Ari has a 'go with the flow' kind of attitude and a sarcastic manner of carrying himself.  While he doesn't like having to take "icky jobs" he will not hesitate to see them through to the end if given them.  He has a knack for putting on acts and tricking those he needs to, not wanting to show his true nature to anyone but his friends, those that he feels are worth remembering him. He has a habit of quick-witty remarks always in the chamber ready to fire off.

Behavior: When it comes to friends and allies, he has a friendly (almost brotherly) type of an attitude toward them.  He will take the blame for some things that his friends do even at the risk of punishment for himself.  When it comes to missions and enemies, he is more serious, almost disdainful toward enemies.  He tries to make himself hard to read, acting like a fool sometimes when the time calls for it.


As a genin Ari usually wears a closed vest or open one with a tank-top or mesh undershirt beneath it.  He tends to also sport arm-warmer reminiscent sleeves and form fitting shorts with tall open toed tabi.  He wears his Amegakure headband around his neck like a choker (to protect it from kunai and other blades).  He keeps his pouches of tools on his sides or backs of his hips along with his chakram on his back.


Ari's first chakram model

Ari has pale to fair skin and hazel eyes with light brown hair (though his bangs have red undertones like other people from his clan having hair discolorations)


Gonna make sure you remember my name!


Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Genin 2.5 1 1 1.5 1 1.5 2 1.5 12/12






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