The common armory, an essential part to a shinobi's life. Due upon the part of people losing, breaking, and doing all sorts of things to their arsenal, everyone eventually comes to these kinds of shops in order to replace what has been lost. Below, you can find a list of weapons and tools which are commonly carried within the armory and what their price is.

The CatalogueEdit

Arrows: 500 Ryō.

Blood Increasing Pill: 3,000 Ryō.

Bō: 3,000 Ryō (wood variant), 6,000 Ryō (metal variant.)

Bow: 6,000 Ryō.

Chakra Blade: 3,000 Ryō (single.)

Chakra Enhance Triple-Bladed Claw: 6,000 Ryō (single.)

Explosive Tag: 4,000 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Flash Bomb: 3,000 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Fūma Shuriken: 5,000 Ryō.

Giant Folding Fan: 8,000 Ryō.

Injection Shot: 1,000 Ryō.

Injection Shot Sniper: 4,000 Ryō.

Katana: 5,000 Ryō.

Kunai: 2,000 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Kusarigama: 6,000 Ryō.

Makibishi: 500 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Nunchaku: 5,000 Ryō.

Ōdachi: 8,000 Ryō.

Poison: Varies.

Puppet: 10,000 Ryō (pre-built or materials.)

Scroll: 1,000 Ryō (small), 3000 Ryō (medium), 6000 Ryō (large.)

Scythe: 8,000 Ryō.

Senbon: 1,000 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Shuriken: 1,500 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Smoke Bomb: 3,000 Ryō (half a dozen.)

Tanto: 5,000 Ryō.

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