Azure's Staff
RangeLong range
Forged from of a drop of Bijuu essence, wood from the black tree, and marked with a blood seal, Azure's Staff is a Chakra Tuned Medium which allows him to Cast his spells using gestures.



Azure's staff in its current appearance.

The Staff is 6ft long and surprisingly durable (Able to fend off regular Kunai.). It only works when held by Azure due to the blood seal embedded in its shaft. Furthermore, it acts like an extension of Azure's body; he can 'feel' with the Staff as if he had nerves running through it to alert his nervous system and react instinctively.

When combined with the Wingardium Technique, the staff, due to being tuned to the user's chakra, barely suffers from carrying heavy weight or travelling at high speeds in terms of chakra consumption; making it perfect for the user to 'ride' through the air.

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