Mission SummaryEdit

Daichi Oshiro, a fresh leader who has gathered a large group of individuals right outside of Mekurakiri, which borders to Ishigakure. Normally, Sunagakure shinobi would be dispatched but currently they seem to be caught up within their own affairs. Because of this, Amegakure has been commissioned to handle the situation before any sort of conflict could arise from the group between the two small nations. Daichi Oshiro is to be a captured target, alive as well to be brought in for questioning. Casualties are ordered to be kept to a minimum, so a more stealthy approach would be more favorable. Pay will be deducted if guidelines are not met, no exceptions. Payout will be 60,000 Ryō, if all follows through as asked.

Mission LogsEdit

(Here you may put the mission logs down once complete.)

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