Originally creating his own gestures and unique hand-seals in order to perform traditional Jutsu, Azure was capable of doing the job but ran into a certain limit due to the traditional means simply being more functional than his own inventions. By creating a medium through which chakra is molded as it is with hand-seals, Azure didn't have to give up functionality in order to continue to be unique in a manner which also brought forth practical use
  • Casting is done through weaving gestures using a Chakra Tuned Medium such as a Wand or Staff.


The overall difference in time spent between weaving regular handseals and performing Gestures is close to none, but a big advantage is the fact that people don't know anything about Casting and are left clueless as to which jutsu will be used next. Furthermore, Jutsu can be released from the tip of the wand rather than from the the hand or mouth. A final advantage is the added ease with which different Jutsu can be combined, which often allows the user to perform such combinations faster than peers yet equally efficient.

  • For each Hand-Seal of a technique there exists a Gesture which takes an equal amount of time to perform.
    • Increasing one's Hand-Seal stats increases the speed at which Gestures are performed.
  • Azure is the only person who has learned the art of casting and as such is the only one capable of teaching it to anyone with 3 or more points in Hand-Seals (Databook)..

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