Date It Will Occur Edit


Eligibility Edit

Genin must have earned 40 SP before they are eligible to participate in the exams. These can be earned by doing missions, solo trainings, trainings with your sensei, or through spars.

Proctors Edit


History Edit

Over the years, genin have entered these trials in order to test their skills. The chunin exams were initially proposed by the first Hokage; Heki Senju. And adopted by the village as a way to test the genin of their skills in order to rank up to the next higher rank. In Konohagakure, these exams take place in three different locations in which three different tests will be administered. Genin will be tested on their mental, physical, survival, stealth, and overall efficiency as a ninja.

Test 1:The Knowledge Test Edit

In this test genin will be questioned on their overall knowledge of Naruto. Questions will vary on any aspect of Naruto. So prepare yourself ahead of time.

Test 2: The Survival Test Edit

In this part of the exam, genin will be tested on their overall efficiency as a ninja, their survival, stealth, and physical aspects. In the beginning, the genin team will be handed either an Earth scroll or a Heaven Scroll. Each team will need both scrolls to pass the test. The Objective will be to obtain the other scroll by any means neccessary. And to take both of their scrolls to the tower in which they will open them together when they arrive inside of the tower. The teams are not to open the scrolls, unless they want an extreme misfortune to occur to them along with the rest of their team. Genin are not required to bring back their full team, although it is highly recommended. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DIE IN THIS PART OF THE TEST!

Test 3: The Physical Test Edit

In this part of the exam, genin will be tested on their overall strength and stamina as a ninja. This test will include several one vs one fights. You may face several opponents, or less than others. This is completely randomized. Whoever wins a round will be moved to the next bracket up and this will continue until the last fights take place. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DIE IN THIS PART OF THE TEST!


First Round Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Completion
Match 1            
 Shinobi 1   
Quarter 1
 Shinobi 2     
 Winner 1   
Match 2
   Winner 2     
 Shinobi 3   
Semi-Final 1
 Shinobi 4     
 Quarter 1 Winner   
Match 3
   Quarter 2 Winner     
 Shinobi 5   
Quarter 2
 Shinobi 6     
 Winner 3   
Match 4
   Winner 4     
 Shinobi 7   
 Shinobi 8     
Match 5
 Shinobi 9   
Quarter 3
 Shinobi 10     
 Winner 5   
Match 6
   Winner 6     
 Shinobi 11   
Semi-Final 2
 Shinobi 12     
 Quarter 3 Winner   
Match 7
   Quarter 4 Winner     
 Shinobi 13   
Quarter 4  
 Shinobi 14     
 Winner 7   
Match 8
   Winner 8     
 Shinobi 15   
 Shinobi 16     

Results Edit

In the end, only 6 genin will make the cut to be chunin. Will you have what it takes to make the cut? Good luck Konoha genin!

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