Character Name

(Nicknames are earned in RP)


(Imvu username goes here)

Basic Info
Gender (Female, Male, ect.)
Age (Characters age goes here)
Height  (Characters height goes here)
Clan (Clan goes here, Kaguya, Haruno, Hyuga, Nara ect.)
Affliation (konoha, Kiri, ect.)

(Characters allignment can be found here)

Relationship Status (Single, taken, married, ect.)
Occupation (What does your chracter do for a living?)

Personality and Behaviour Edit

(Place your characters personality and behaviour here. This would be how your character acts in general or certain traits that they hold.)

Background Information Edit

(Place how your character came to be right here, be sure to include anything that made your character who they are.)

Appearance Edit

(Place your characters appearance here, this would include the basic information such as eye color, hair color skin color, ect. You may also put down what they would wear or their typical outfit may be.)

Roleplaying Library Edit

(Ask anyone ranked Jounin and above to help filling out your library.)

Casual Meetings or Events: Edit

Story Progression: Edit

Clan Specific: Edit

Approved by Edit

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