Weapon description Edit

The Sword was created to be a multipurpose use tool, More of the Swiss army knife- or in this case sword of the Ninja. It serves several functions unique to its owner. Not all Compound swords share The same qualities and often aren't made in the same fashion.

This particular one was made for close and mid range combat, with a guard allowing the user to switch back and forth from sword art to close quarters combat such as punching / bludgeoning etc: In particular this sword was created more to allow its owner to fight with ease, using its hooked edge it can be used to serve other options such as gripping onto an opponent to a life saving anchor in high altitudes or elevations which ever preferred.

☀Length: 4 1/2 ft tip to base end blade, adding the hilt it is measured to 5 ft even. In addition the clamp jawed guard unhinges and extends the sword an extra half foot in full extension.

the sword its self in some areas become unhinges mostly around the guard serving as a second handle for leverage when needed to extend its reach, and acts as a clamp to hold onto an object that can fit with in its limited jaws.

Weapon history Edit

NiroKumura: was given the name Violent Fang because it received parts from her parental fathers sword which was referred to Black fang but was broken in warfare, To save a memento of her father she implemented it so she would never forget.

Weapon Creator Edit

Imvu : KyokiKuroiHasu / Tsubaki Haruno

Approved by Edit

Hastur (talk)

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