Jutsu name Edit

Earth Release: Earthen Coating

Jutsu handseal('s) Edit

N/A (Chakra flow variant)

Jutsu Effects Edit

This jutsu is the use of one's Earth chakra in the form of bringing it into an object, giving it the effects usually given for something such is the Earth Spear jutsu. This includes of the following: Makes the topmost layer of the material turn to a darker tint, become “As strong as diamond”, increases destructive power; etc.

Jutsu Rank Edit


Jutsu Element('s) Edit


Jutsu Creator Edit


Jutsu History Edit

This jutsu was created by those first who were able to use their Earth chakra, though the actual creator is unknown it is generally guessed that it came to those who were able to learn basic chakra flow and saw the effects of their specific chakra element as the weapons became imbued. This jutsu is generally known to those who have the Earth chakra element.

Jutsu Pros & Cons Edit

Pro(s): Superior durability, destructive power increased, can be broken by very few jutsu.

Con(s): Obvious weakness to Lightning-Release attacks

Approved ByEdit

Kaito Kaminari

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