Jutsu EffectsEdit

This jutsu requires a specific amount of chakra needed to be directed to the eye facing the opponent in question. Upon activation, the eye of the Shi no Kami Bachi will pulsate once to signify the chakra has been released. Upon releasing, the visual genjutsu will cause those who have looked upon it to shortly be paralyzed by given fear as they are caught within the drunken illusion of madness as the invading chakra shortly seizes the motor cortex and thereby inhibiting a person's movement.


  • Paralyzes any who look upon the eye upon activation.


  • Jutsu only lasts for 1 round, making for just enough time for an attack to be made. In the case of Hiraku, it would be the last and only attack needed to mutilate his enemy.

Approved by: Divine Ziel (talk)Edit

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