Welcome to our F.G.N T-1 page, a page reserved for fighting rules and guidelines which will affect how you fight in our RP. The purpose of this page is have a clear and more defined rule section which would allow for more coherent fighting and fairness overall. This pages will cover our RP's fighting style and its derivitives which can also be used in fighting.

F.G.N T-1Edit

As can be seen in its name, our fighting style generally goes off the basic rules from T-1 and improves upon it for more equal fighting on the behalf of our fighting part of the community. Below you can find some our intergrated rules, and beyond that we will go on about our own additions which make our T-1 fighting unique from vague other RPs that would otherwise not have a rule system set in place for fighting.

  1. No godmodding.
  2. No autohits.
  3. No metagaming.

These are three basic rules which make up most fighting styles along with some of the only things that promote coherency in fighting, as far as it goes with the basics that is. Further on, we have a specific system in mind of our fighting that helps limit attacks, moves; etc. which in turn allow for more strategic fighting and fairness. Below you can find more information about our additions to this new fighting system, which includes the AP system and how dodging is handled.

Action PointsEdit

As in most strategy games, there are action points which are used to determine how a character or unit may move or act in a given scenario. This basic principle is also applied to F.G.N fighting, where a person has a set amount of AP before they simply have to end their turn. Overall, a person has at most: 5 AP. This means that a person can at maximum, do 5 things in their turn. However, the amount and ratio to each AP is divided in a fair and equal way.

There are three types of AP: Offensive, defensive, and supplementary moves. Offensive fits the broad category of attack, which as one could tell simply has to do with a person's actions towards attacking an individual. Defensive points reserved for defending the user from attacks, or from future attacks. Supplementary points are meant for supplementary moves, such as healing yourself, taking pills, moving; etc. 

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