Jutsu HistoryEdit

This technique was learned quickly after Hiraku manifested his sword: Shi no Bachi. This technique has seen many uses in Hiraku's time.

Jutsu EffectsEdit

Upon activation, Shi no Bachi will begin to collect chakra, seemingly from the air (though actually from the user) and begin to be cloaked in a strange form of chakra. This chakra slowly begins to solidify into the sword's transcendent form: Shi no Kami Bachi. This dangerous weapon becomes larger, harder, and heavier making it a devastating weapon meant to be wielded by only the strongest.

Upon achieving transcendence, the sword ultimately transforms into a broad form similar to a buster sword. While the hilt does maintain its original form, the rest of the sword would have changed into its new form. The guard now shaped into the mouth of a yōkai, with carnivorous teeth that yield its metal tongue. Its wild eyes symmetrical of either side stare off into the void like the madness that plagues Hiraku's mind.

The blade itself is much more broad, now double-edged as well. Given its size, the sword also needs someone with great strength to wield it (3.50 strength required to use in this form.) This makes for a devastating sword, capable of cleaving entire people in half with one swing.


  • Creates a stronger, better sword from the user's chakra.
  • After use, will revert back to normal.


  • Takes 11/2 rounds to be formed.

Approved by: Divine Ziel (talk)Edit

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