Jutsu EffectsEdit

Upon making the proper hand seals, the user in question will create a phantom weapon. This phantom weapon will greatly resemble the user's own spiritual weapon, with the exception that it will be a greatly diminished version given the way it is incurred into this world. Most often, due to their state of being brought into this world, they are much more weaker and without the attributes that are given to their actual spirit weapon. Because of this, they are often reverted to a basic form and almost look mundane aside from the retained details from the actual weapon along with an incomplete structure.

Most often, these phantom weapons appear to be broken in few place and only held upon by the ethereal matter which strings the weapon together. Because of its unstable condition, the weapon cannot be held together for long and because of that: This technique is only desired as a last resort. 


  • Creates a temporary weapon which can allow an advantage to be had in tense situations.


  • Weapon only lasts for a specific amount of time (4 rounds) and takes even longer to recharge (5 rounds.)

Approved by: Keruberosu (talk)Edit

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