Jutsu HistoryEdit

This is the oldest of all techniques made by the Takana, also serving as a basis for all created techniques of the clan. This jutsu has long served the Takana in many rituals, and serving as a tradition of all clan members to have or use.

Jutsu EffectsEdit

This jutsu is often only used once in a person’s life that is unless they’ve have their spirit weapon destroyed. This technique is more so a process that begins with the meditation of the user. Most often, this will take place in the Takana Hideout which has rooms specifically built and designed for this special meditation. The purpose of this meditation is for the user to garner their chakra and let it flow as easily it may throughout their body, this is due to the large amount of chakra that is taken in the process of doing this.

After the 1st part of the process is finished, the hour of meditation, the user will begin to try and project the form and shape of their weapon into the real world. Due to their now cleared mind, this allows for projection to be easier and also lets the user project their destined weapon into the real world in its most pure form. From there on, the user will begin the 2nd phase of the process where they begin to pull the very concept of their spirit weapon from their mind.

Holding out their hands as they do so, this process will continue for another hour. Continuing on, the users will shall manifest as Yin chakra pours from their being. This chakra then forms around the user in the form of a large sphere, usually capturing most things within an 8 ft. radius. Over time, the sphere will gradually grow smaller as it is poured into the user’s hands as manifestation of their spirit weapon.

At the end of this, the user will have their own spirit weapon, often based upon someone’s soul and covers many aspects of the creator’s personality. To some degree, you could call this the art of a user as it helps represent who they are. After the process though, a person will most definitely be drained for the day and often require a moderate amount of rest afterward.

As a separate note, it should be said that these exotic weapons often have mythical qualities to them which make them invaluable tools to a Takana.


  • Creates the user's own special sword, often imbued with powers.


  • Jutsu cannot be used in combat, due to the long time it takes to create the weapon and the concentration needed for development.
  • Takes a large amount of chakra when used.

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