Five Great Nations

Welcome to the F.G.N (Five Great Nations), a T-1 RP set within the Naruto Universe. The catch being in this roleplay, there never was a Naruto or any given canon events. This means we still have stuff such is given clans, aside from a few (later explained below), and everything already given to the universe. The world has opened up to its 3rd generation in terms to the civilized era of the shinobi. Anything and everything is possible, come to the F.G.N with an open mind and you will see a beautiful and ever-growing world.

This roleplay exist within the 3D client of IMVU. It is a T-1 style roleplay using paragraph style RP. You can generally find our rooms with the simple acronym that is ‘[F.G.N]’ and you’ll be able to find where our RP’s take place. Feel free to stop by and see the place yourself so that you may gather your own analysis of our community.

We welcome all forms of creativity and encourage people to bring forth their ideas. If you have an idea for the RP find an admin let them know and we will discuss the possibility of using it. Custom jutsus and clans fall under the general amount of things that our community creates that doesn’t directly involve something such is your own character. If you feel like making a clan or jutsu yourself then you can look below and find the templates for the clans and jutsus and make it yourself. If you’re feeling confident, do as mentioned before and contact an admin so that we can see if your jutsu or clan is good enough to be approved of.

Important Pages

Konoha Roster


Character Application


Informational Pages

Databook Info

Rank Info

Ark Info

Customization Options

Custom Jutsu List

Clan Template

Jutsu Template

Villager NPCs

Latest activity

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