Weapon description Edit

This weapon appears as a slightly modified forearm guard, with a prominent compartment to be shown on the top of the guard. This compartment has a bivalve opening that when opened will allow for a small rod to extend out from the compartment. At the end of this rod is an axle which has 4 rectangular sheets of metal (12x2x.5"), these sheets are then to be put in place via the quick flick of the forearm which will allow the sheets to spread out over a general area until they lock in their appropriate places. This will create an X-shape which through the use of the Mechanical Light Shield Block jutsu, will create a light chakra shield which will help defend the user.

Weapon history Edit

This tool was created not too long before the events that were to mark a cold war between Konoha and Iwagakure, at a time when Osamu was trying to figure out a way to minimalize damage done to himself in battle as his plate armor that he had on his right arm was not doing enough to defend himself. In response, he would come to make this special tool from minimal resources and eventually make the standard version he has today. Given he sees this as a problem for other shinobi on the battlefield, Osamu plans on reproducing this tool widely to be something exclusive for the shinobi of Takigakure. 

Weapon Creator Edit

Osamu Fūma

Approved by Edit

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