Fudo Uchiha (Deceased/K.I.A.)


"More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine"

Birthday 12 / 10
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 6'0
Weight 190
Blood Type AB
Relationship Status Dating
Alignment Lawful - Neutral
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan / Scorch Release
Classification Jounin
Occupation Shinobi
Affiliation Konohagakure



Team Team 3
Allies Dojin Kaguya

Naoki Hyuuga

Takahiro Uzumaki

File:2000px-Sharingan triple.svg.png





Ninja Rank Part I: Genin

Part II: Chunin

Part III: Jounin

Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
S-Rank Prom. Age N/A


Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Siblings (None)

Nature Type


File:100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg.png

Fire Release -

File:20110705101102!100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg.png

Wind Release -

File:300px-Nature Icon Scorch.svg.png

Scorch Release -



Basic Jutsu

Crow Clone Jutsu C - Rank

Flame Bullet C - Rank

Magic Lantern Body Jutsu S - Rank (Soon to be trained)

Generic Sealing Jutsu (Soon To Be Learned.)


Fire Release

Great Fireball Technique C - Rank

Flame Bullet C - Rank

Phoenix Flower Jutsu C - Rank


Wind Release

Sickle Weasel Technique B - Rank

Rasengan A - Rank

Pressure Damage B - Rank


Scorch Release

Super Steam Kill S - Rank (Soon to be learned)


Yin Release

Nirvana Technique A - Rank

Kotoamatsukami B - Rank (Requires Mangekyou Sharingan)


Yang Release


Yin / Yang Release



Uchiha War Fan

Customized Kunai


File:Uchiha Crest-0.png
The Uchiha clan descended from Indra, the elder of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. Indra inherited the Sage's "eyes", powerful chakra and spiritual energy. The Uchiha are known for their combat and ocular prowess, given they have possession of the Sharingan. This Dōjutsu is one of the three legendary eyes. Known for their combat prowess in copying jutsu, casting Genjutsu, and being able to see chakra colors and read movements, the Uchiha clan have the nickname, "The Waring Clan." They are native the Konohagakure. Edit

Scars/Tattoos Edit

Scars: Two very distinct scars form a large "V" on his back. Both coming from shoulders down to lower back.

Tattoos: The Uchiha crest is tattooed on the back of the neck, with the Hyuuga clan symbol behind it as a background to show which is more dominant in him.

Has both of his arms sleeved from wrist to shoulder. Mixed in with these tattoos are summoning seals enabling him to bring forth weapons, and perform summonings.

Personality and Behavior Edit

Personality: Fudo is generally a level headed person. He is typically direct and too the point on most matters, but has a very loving heart to the ones he cares about. He pokes jokes at his friends, but will do it in such a manner that his friends will usually playfully pick on him for it.

Behavior: Fudo will do anything he can to protect his friends, and loved ones. His demeanor is is usually serious, and unwavering. He will generally walk everywhere unless his missions requires him to move, and he will use Genjutsu prior to any and all other Jutsu during combat. Typically a support role from the side lines, but is a powerhouse when he is drug into battle. He is able to withstand a barrage of attacks long enough for his team members to recover and continue attacking so he can return back to his main role.

Solo Mission Behavior: During missions, when he is accompanied by the employer who has hired the village for assistance or help, Fudo is highly respectful, and very careful as to what he says. He is highly polite around women employers, and very casual, but respectful around men employers. On missions where he is heading to combat, he has a very distinct demeanor in how he handles things. Born with a tactical mind, he is very calculative and tactical. He takes nothing for chance, and will go overboard and destroy everything around him if he needs to get a hard target mission killed, or captured for interrogation later.

Nindo Edit

Nindo "Ninja Way": "Back Up What You Say, Or Don't Say Them At All."

Summoning Edit

Crows (烏, Karasu) The Shinobi makes a contract with crows from the summoning lands, and can call them at will, as well as use them for clones, and means of transportation if needed.

Background Information Edit

Birth: Fudo Uchiha was born 12/10. He was born apart of two very well known clans of the Hidden Leaf Village, the Hyūga and the Uchiha. He was born with the eyes of a Hyūga, but the typical baby frame of an Uchiha child. Edit
Child: As a child, Fudo was often teased for being an Uchiha with Hyuuga eyes. He was targeted several times during this time because the Hyūga clan did not want a bastard child in their family with mixed blood. The Uchiha did much of the same saying they did not want an Uchiha wish such inferior eyes in their clan. Edit
Academy: During his years as an academy student, Fudo was often complimented for his outstanding marks. This did not occur until after he was 8. He was so riddled by his heritage that it often got in the way of his learning. When he was 8 years old, however, he soared far above many of the students in his class, and throughout the academy. He had started the academy late due to his learning curve, but graduated the proper year when he was 12. Edit
Genin: As a shinobi, Fudo was trained constantly by both houses he was apart of. He understood the basic fighting style of the Hyuuga stances, and could utilize them near perfectly. Though he used them as a way to confuse his opponents when he did have to go into Taijutsu combat. Fudo excelled in Genjutsu, and Hand Signs. Much to the dismay of the Hyuuga clan, his eyes were highly perceptive, and he was beginning to learn the weaknesses of the Hyuuga fighting style. Though he could not hit Chakra Points throughout the body like a typical Hyuuga could with Byakugan, he was still able to hit the finer points to cause some major damage to anyone willing to fight him. He had been assigned to Team 3 as his first team, but before he was able to go through the introductions and partake on any missions, he was re-assigned to Team 1. Edit
Chuunin: Reaching the rank of Chuunin, Fudo began to really focus on his Genjutsu, and Hand Seals, as well as his Fire Release mastery. He started becoming well known for his Genjutsu and Fire Release combinations that were on par with some Jounin. Fudo was constantly attacked by groups of Hyuuga students who thought it was an insult him having Hyūga blood mixed with the tainted blood of the Uchiha. Though they never stopped trying to beat him up in combat when he ventured outside of the village, they started to learn just how dangerous he was when it came down to him defending himself. Most of the time, Fudo would cast multiple Genjutsu on them, and they wouldn't be released from it until another Shinobi found them later on that day, or the next day. He was often scolded for this by the Hokage, but ultimately let go because he was in fact defending himself. Fudo completed several missions with his team, and was eventually given the rights to test to be a Jounin. Edit
Jounin: Now being a Jounin, Fudo has nearly free rein to train on his own time, and to learn more jutsu until he is given a student by the Hokage. Having time to himself, he had learned several new jutsu, and had mastered all of them with improvements on some for better control during battle. Having had time to himself for the past year since he became a Jounin, he has worked on his figure, and built up quite a bit of muscle. He is now physically very strong, though still rather average in size. His body is just naturally thin even though his muscles can dead-lift quite a bit of weight without jutsu. This is to ensure he can keep his endurance for extended periods of time without ever tiring out. Though he gained a lot of body tone and muscle, and got some custom tattoos on both arms, he never neglected his Shinobi training. Now, a very accomplished Shinobi, and very well rounded in a number of things, he is a force to be reckoned with, even though he utilizes Genjutsu above all else. Edit

Chakra Color Edit

Chakra Color: Crimson

Weapons Inventory Edit

Maximum capacity at Genin and Chuunin (50 pieces).Jounin / ANBU (70 pieces). Sage / S-Rank / Kage (80 pieces).

  • Kunai (cost 2 pieces): 5
  • Shuriken (cost 1.5 pieces): 10
  • Senbon (cost 1 pieces each): 0
  • Makibishi (cost 0.5 pieces each): 0
  • Smoke Bomb (cost 3 pieces each): 10
  • Paper Bomb (cost 4 pieces each): 0
  • Any sword (cost 6 pieces each): 0
  • Any other weaponry: (cost 10 pieces each): 1

Total: 65

Databook Edit










Hand Seals


Genin 1 1 2.5 2 1 1 2 1 2 13.5


1 1 3 3 1 3 3 1 2 18


1.5 1 4 4 2 3 3 1 3 22.5

Bukijutsu -

Academy Jutsu List Edit

Role Playing Library Edit

(Ask anyone ranked Jounin and above to help filling out your library.)

Spars and Battles: Edit

Casual Meetings or Events: Edit

Story Progression: Edit

Clan Specific: Edit

Training Role Plays: Edit

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