Gentle Fist: Brute Style
EnglishBrute Style
ClassificationFighting Style
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Parent JutsuGentle Fist
Derived Jutsu
As opposed to the Gentle Fist, Ace's variation is something which in a way may seem more akin to Strong Fist. But it's not that either. Brute style is an explosive variation of the Gentle Fist which uses Hyuga principles but replaces control with chaos after chakra is exerted.


Where the Gentle Fist injects chakra in a precise manner, Brute style releases it in a short explosive thrust of concussive chakra that does not inject itself into the chakra pathway of the opponent but instead collides with them physically with noticeably more concussive effect than the Gentle Fist strikes normally bears; which is considerable as a 'tap' of the fingers of a gentle fist user can knock a man back. These thrusts can travel up to a limited distance which lies around 1 yard for a Genin and 5-6 yards for a Jounin level shinobi, furthermore they grow in size and strength as the user grows stronger.

The Brute style does NOT close the Tenketsu of the target.

At higher levels, one who uses brute style goes beyond basic physical collision to inflict internal trauma to the target even when the user doesn't make direct physical contact. At this point, one that Jeff has yet to discover, Brute Style will allow him to break someone's bones by striking the air inches in front of their skin; leaving the skin bruised where the concussive chakra will force itself into the body, which will most likely be knocked back, to deliver internal damage by a more painful and wide-spread means of 'injection' that applies physical trauma of varying heights, such as breaking bones, depending on the skill of the user and the resistance/stamina/etc of the opponent.

A good way to describe brute style, at high levels, is as a semi-passive combination of palm bottom and vacuum palm that accompany every punch.

Users of this style can't use the following Gentle Fist Techniques:

  • Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms (And all variations)
  • Tenketsu Needle
  • Water Needle
  • Gentle Step
  • Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms

Users of this style gain a boost to using the following Gentle Fist Techniques:

  • Palm Bottom
  • Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
  • Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm
  • Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher
  • Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
  • Gentle Fist Art One Body Blow

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