Weapon description Edit

The Kazekiba are two twin swords made of chakra metal meant for flowing different types of chakra into the blades of them with ease so that the user does not need to use an excess amount of chakra on a technique that would drain a person far more quickly when used on ordinary metal as well as making the chakra used sharper and more potent. These blades essentially a sword version of Asuma's trench knives. Both blades were specifically made to be easily attached at the hilt and pulled apart using a trigger on the hilt to activate the latches within a moments notice.

The appearance of these blades is meant to take on a black metal type that is simple, yet extremely functional, looking like a weapon that a black ops would use to discretely pull it out and hide it in darker clothing. The blade from tip to hilt is 3.5 feet long, yet kept compact to keep it light weight where the hilt is 6 inches long for an easy grip making it a 4 foot long blade. When both are put together it makes an 8 foot double bladed staff like weapon with both blades facing opposite directions. The blades come with holsters that stay on the users upper back near the shoulder blades. These holsters are both intricately designed, obviously a custom job. The blades being made of chakra metal are difficult to break, but not impossible.

Weapon history Edit

The weapon has been hand crafted and modified in Mikoto's family for generations. Each member of the family upgrading it, moving it to a new hilt or changing the look of the blade until Mikoto who completely redid the blades and made them into what they are today.

Weapon Creator Edit

IMVU ShiNamikaze/ Mikoto Hatake

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Hastur (talk)

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