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The BeginningEdit

Hiraku the Second was born into the Takana, a clan of aristocratic shinobi who held a significant place in Amegakure. Hiraku was son to Hiraku the First and Etsuko, the former of the two being the current clan head who also was the CEO of the Takana Smithing Enterprise. As expected for the exemplary family, this son would be expected to be raise as a suitable aristocrat who would lead the family in Hiraku the First’s place after his own retirement as clan head.

As well planned it may have been, it could be told from an early age that Hiraku would not adhere to these plans as he would stride in his own path. This could be seen at an early age, where he quickly took upon an interest in fighting. His aggressively playful behavior as a young boy would not subside as he grew up, being a young kid he would often play-fight with all of those near. While he may have been a bit rough on his friends, he was well accepted more or less due to his impish nature and his status in society as son of the Takana’s clan head.

With this playful personality though, he did get in bits of trouble which did sometimes point him out as a delinquent. All through it though, he still held respect for the people around him and in turn he usually found a way to slip out of things given his kind nature that helped balance out his playing as a warrior constantly in battle.

As it became ever so obvious, and with little result to trying to “correct” him, Hiraku’s parents decided that the best course of action was to simple let him chase his dreams and see that their son would simply be happy in life. Of course, they were scared though, because the two held their time as shinobi as well in bloody times. They knew of the price to pay for adventure, but they still let their child choose to be happy.

The AcademyEdit

Around the age of 5, an eager Hiraku was enrolled into the Academy, where he came to be accepted by many for varying reasons. Not only did he have likable personality, but as well was he intelligent—at least for his given age. All around, Hiraku was generally a good person and influence for the others. This made for a good portion of Hiraku’s childhood.

Early in this part of his life, Hiraku also was able to experience the joy of having a sibling. It was around the same time he joined the Academy, it was too that his little brother Takeshi was born into this world. It was in this time that Takeshi would find more wood to kindle his flame that was ever strong. This flame in his heart, the one that wanted him to become a hero for his people and save all: It just kept growing and growing.

However, even as he grew to cultivate these great passions and desires to protect his people: There were also other sources which at an age would come to taint what had otherwise been pure and innocent for the longest time. This corruption was through the Second Shinobi World War, where many simply watched as their blood and flesh left them alone and most to never return.

While for a regular kid, this may not affect them that much aside from a given depression and wanting of their brothers, sister, mothers, and father. Hiraku was different, not only was he intelligent, but his special desires were crushed when he couldn’t help to protect people as they walked out on him. He, along with many other children were simply: Left alone.

While his desires still parade through, they began to not look as pure as before. As hatred seeped in, Hiraku began to take a different outlook on life. While he never did majorly change from this, Hiraku still had darker thoughts in mind whenever he let his feelings of the war mix with his goals. Already did the war show of its potential, its influence on the person’s mind.

Squad AikoEdit

After graduating from the Academy, Hiraku was assigned to a squad that was led by Aiko Nara. His teammates consisted of: Masamune Hatake and Aoi Fūma, both friends of Hiraku from the Academy. Together, the squad would be assigned their first mission upon graduation. This mission would almost seem like a mistake though, they were told to go the front lines. There was no mistake in this however, the war was simply taking a heavy hit on Amegakure as their lands had been infiltrated in all manners for the purpose of war.

There was nothing to prevent them in anyway, because none explained in detail of what their mission was, while their squad leader simply didn’t care enough to alert the family of possible dangers. These things together simply made for them to essentially march to their deaths.

The next day, the group set out for their division and make quick time as the next upcoming battle was to be at a very close village. Given the Land of Stone’s aggressive behavior to local inhabitants, they were declared as an enemy to the nation. Iwa’s ninja had rooted itself deep within the Land of Rain, which had little to no defense against this powerhouse.

This effort was to be a retaliation against the expanding forces, which was coincided with ninja from the Land of Fire. This would mark a major battle in the history of the war.

Upon entering the division, Aiko’s squad was sent to the front where it was destined to be by the current general. The whole division would then travel for 2-3 hours until they would arrive to a large plain which held a quaint village which held itself in the middle of the beautiful surroundings. The division would then merge with a few other platoons, all destined for the area beyond the village where an army of Iwagakure shinobi lie in wait.

After all troops had amounted closest to the enemy, the general would sound a signal and like that: The battle had begun. While there are war stories of great, epic battles to behold and heroes made from them, this ended shortly for Hiraku. As his squad rushed onward, he slipped behind slightly due to him tripping but did his best to catch up. In that brief distance between them, a whole different fate was to await them.

Like that, the whole front line exploded in a massive fury of force and fire. Like many of the people near to Hiraku, he was blown aback as the lives of many were taken. The next few moments were of darkness for Hiraku in this distinct memory that to this day still pervade his mind. He only woke up to the sounds of war cries, the sound of metal clashing; all of these were the sounds of war. His mind coming into focus, he could feel the blood pooling around him, upon sitting up and checking himself: It thankfully wasn’t him.

This blood belonged to the many people around him, whereas those unaffected seemed to be shortly ahead as they tried to mow down through the Stone’s defense. The ones to which Hiraku immediately noticed were his squad, parts of their bodies lying in pieces. A dead eye simply looked to Hiraku, and he could no nothing for their passing. All he could do was break down into his own hysteria as he tried to hold onto what he had left of his friends from before.

The sight of it all, taking in the death of one’s friends, and the sounds of war: All a horrible sight that seemed like a surreal experience, a nightmare that had taken advantage of Hiraku’s mind. However, it was all too real and for such a frail, developing mind like Hiraku’s, he simply snapped. Eventually, this would become an experience that would haunt Hiraku for years to come.


After the events of Squad Aiko’s demise, Hiraku would be pulled from the shinobi army and relocated to a mental ward where he would spend a number of months in. With his family’s money, they were able to find the best doctors who were able to at least able to put Hiraku back together so he could live a normal life and eventually head back into the shinobi world, preferably whenever the war had ended.

Of course, no matter how hard you try to put a broken vase together, you’ll never make it back to what it once was. This applied well to Hiraku, who would change into a much more solemn and sinister man. Just an example of his changes, Hiraku would become more protective over time and to some degree it could become disturbing. Such was in his early days out of the hospital, he often threatened people to not as much as touch his little brother in anyway less they should expect the sharp end of a blade. These disturbing behaviors would be treated over time, and eventually they would subside into a colder Hiraku. While these tendencies faded from view, he still kept with an aggressive behavior (more information in Personality & Behavior.)

From the incident there was created a new man, one who had temptations at absolute control to protect the people he did, altered goals now tainted in blood if necessary. Hiraku did recover from his ordeal, but in doing so he could only recover as something new and almost entirely different to what there had been before.

Time’s passingEdit

As life has continued, Hiraku has been refined into a much more devoid being who can come off as numb in most cases. As he becomes more experienced as a Jōnin, Hiraku becomes closer to a large thing that will definitely change his life for what he had taken it for before. There’s no telling what the future harbors, however nothing good can surely come of it in a dark world like this.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

To what others know, Hiraku is more or less a cold person made numb by the rage of war. This can make him callous, often making strict discipline out of his squads and platoons in order for them to better fit his domineering mannerism which can at times come off as intimidating with his blunt words. Not only does he have the dominance needed for a leader, but also he has the intellect and analytical skill needed to take a hold of the indomninable will that is the battlefield.

This complete personality also goes hand in hand with a strict sense of justice which he holds for his nation. The will to serve and protect the people he knows and loves, taking it to a different type of courage that can crush the timid who find themselves in his way. This patriotism also goes to serve as his sense of justification in his own means as he will do whatever it takes to defend the lives of his nation.

Of course, he is human, so Hiraku's behavior does have its downfalls. Such is what emotion he does have in him, warped by anger and hatred brought upon the time that the battlefield dominated him due to his ineffciency. This rage, this untamed madness, writhing within as it waits for its moments to spring out and make a true monster of him. While he does well to keep his emotions in check as a shinobi, certain memories can break the ice and madness unleashed.

Thankfully enough, there haven't been any times where this ticking time bomb has resulted in problems... at least none that have been told.


Given Hiraku's distinctive background as an aristocrat, he still indulges the luxury which is befitted to him and his family. Most often, he can be found wearing a navy blue, long-sleeve top that has a special collar that covers his neck and chin. With this he has a set of black gloves which he always wears, covering up a most of his body. This goes hand in hand with his loose-fitting pants that are bandage-wrapped at the calf. The only part of him that does show of Hiraku, aside from his face, are his feet that have open-toed sandals which are common amongst shinobi.

Outside of his outfit, Hiraku is generally a very slim man but with a well and firm appearance. Carrying the traits of a pure Takana, he has jade eyes that go in contrast with his fair skin that is pale like the moonlight. This too goes in contrast with his jet black hair, long and flowing like how the majestic hair of a noble should be.


Databook Nin Tai Gen H. Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Jōnin 3.00 2.95 2.85 2.85 3.50 2.80 2.85 3.20 24






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