Ice Release: Black Ice
Rp ice
RōmajiHyōton: Kokuhyō
EnglishIce Style: Black Ice

Ice Release Ice Release

Hand SealsSnake → Dog → Tiger
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This jutsu is used as a trap. The user of this jutsu will create a glaze of ice upon the surface that the user's hands are placed upon. The ice itself is not black, however visually the layer of ice are transparent allowing whatever surface underneath to show through. Once an opponent/opponents steps on the iced area, the user may activate it's trap function with a ram seal.


The user places the hands onto the surface they wish to cover with a thick layer of smooth and transparent ice. Due to the smoothness of the ice, anyone who walks on the iced surface may result in falling. Not only can the slippery surface cause falling, but the user can active a trap function on whoever that may be standing on the ice.

To activate the ice trap, the user must form the ram hand seal. Once activated, whoever or whatever that stands on the icey area will be captured by a small layer of ice. Per say, if a person stands on the iced area, ice will crawl and cover the person's feet with a layer of ice; trapping them. With a fair amount of strength, whoever that's been trapped can break free.

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