This section of the wiki will be comprised of a list of things needed in order to create a draft for a jutsu. When you do make a jutsu, feel free to delete this part of the template as this is a simple explanation on what the template is used for, etc. A jutsu template is used by members of the community who want to create their own jutsu. After you create your own jutsu from this template, please notify a member of the council so that the custom jutsu can be reviewed. Ultimately, your jutsu will at most have a few tweaks of it so don't be afraid to bring your ideas to the table.


Jutsu HistoryEdit

(This is where the jutsu history goes. Write a little bit about how the jutsu was made.)

Jutsu EffectsEdit

(What does the jutsu do?)


(Jutsu's benefits go here.)


(A Jutsu's drawbacks go here.)

Approved by: Edit

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