Katsuo Kaguya

かぐや勝雄 Kaguya Katsuo

The Enigma (ザ・エニグマ, Zā Eniguma)

Basic Information
BirthdayJuly the 8th
Weight160 lb
Personal Information
OccupationAnbu (formerly)

Kaguya Symbol Kaguya Clan

Kekkei Genkai

Shikotsumyaku Symbol Shikotsumyaku


Konohagakure Icon Konohagakure

TeamTeam Katsuo (formerly)
Shinobi RankJōnin


Academy Grad. Age12
Chūnin Prom. Age14
Jōnin Prom. Age{{{Jōnin Promotion}}}
Nature Type
Bug Type
{{{Bug Type (for Aburame)}}}
Unique Traits
{{{Unique Traits (I.E: chakra absorption, sand manipulation; etc.)}}}
1 Single Tanto [Modified]

2 Paper Bomb's 2 Smoke Bomb's 9 Kunai 6 Shuriken 11 Senbon 1 Wrist-mounted Senbon Launcher

Total: 70/70 points.

Katsuo's true life began around a young age, somewhere behind the time he could be enrolled in shinobi academy. Due to him being a Kaguya, Katsuo faced a harsh life as he was resented and dreaded by those around in the orphanage. The reason due to this is because some of the people in the orphanage had experience's with raids by the Kaguya Clan, this leading to said of resentment and dread sensed by this Kaguya who even had the Shikotsumyaku. As he faced a harsh environment, Katsuo could only develop to become a sociopath in this toxic environment that was his own home. Eventually, this negative home would effect his life and lead to awkward social development as he tried to get by.

He was able to easily overcome these stunts in needed social ability, but not in a way that would be needed for Katsuo. Instead, over the course of time, Katsuo learned how to feign emotion and be able to make 'friends'. By the time Katsuo became a chunin, he had many friends around though there was obviously some doubt. This doubt was created during the Chunin exams, particularly within the last part where he was in the final part. He battled against another Genin from Sunagakure, and nearly managed to kill the opponent had it not been for the judge who was a Nara. Because of this behavior, previously unknown to the friends around, Katsuo began to lose relationships with others and slowly regressed to a more maddening state. This corrupted his sight, and his mind as he saw his future and began to make more corrupt ways to in order to make himself the ultimate shinobi which meant to modify his own body. As Katsuo began to develop as a shinobi and his behaviors began to become more or less so noticeable, ANBU took interest and recruited him around the time he became a jonin. For a while, it was that.


Katsuo is a very manipulative individual, who can very easily twist and bend people around them to his will. In times he wants to be, he can seem like a caring individual and of good heart. At others he can show a true nature as he tries to cut up an according target simply just because he can. Due to his given nature, he can't perceive emotion due to his sociopathic tendencies. This is what makes him good as a part of Anbu, but also helps him further his own goals as he tries to become the greatest shinobi no matter what means he has to go through. Because he has these mentioned of tendencies, there are times where the shinobi can randomly become hostile and takes this out in many ways which include: experimenting on himself, killing animals, and in extreme cases he will kill people.









Hand Seals


4 3 2.5 5 3 4 5 4.5 31

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