Weapon description Edit

Komainu Tsume are a set of gauntlets weld by Takeshi Takana. The Komainu Kiba in their base form are a set of braces that cover Takeshi's forearms. Upon activation via chakra, the gauntlets will spring from the braces in separate pieces and lock into a complete gauntlet.

Upon assembly, the gauntlet will resemble a plate gauntlet one might see as a piece of armor. Though the plate itself is relatively light as it's not designed to protect, it provides a basic frame for the gloves.

The gauntlet finds its main power from its short talons, like small blades or claws of a beast. These talons function as weapons of the user, and can be used in an effective manner via Takeshi's fighting style which involves slashes to important areas of the body including arteries, ligaments; etc.

Weapon history Edit

Takeshi came along these gauntlets upon using the Fabrication Release: Spirit Manifestation jutsu when he was in his Chunin years. Upon bringing these weapons into existence, he slowly started to begin on learning their way of use, their own unique fighting style. Over the years, becoming more proficient with them and their usage.

Weapon Creator Edit

Takeshi Takana

Approved by Edit

Hastur (talk)

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