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In the modern era, there are many ninjas born within an ancestry where they were naturally talented in that field. Unfortunately, a few ancestries where the adults from generation upon generation did nothing but own shops and restaurants. Kumori’s ancestors are in that category. Without talent or even a kekkei genkai running in the bloodline, there would be no hope for anyone to become a ninja through talent. Instead, they would have to achieve it through hard work. Most gave up because of how hard it was to pass basics of a ninja academy. When she was born, Kumori’s parents had her whole life planned out for her. Go to school, graduate, take over the restaurant, get married, have kids, and repeat the process. Being the oldest in her family, Kumori received the most pressure and responsibilities. Unfortunately, her family is strict and traditional. If she didn’t intend to take over the restaurant, then she would have been told to work as a servant or maid.

Among all of her siblings, she had  the most ridiculous dream. The dream of becoming a ninja was something the family would laugh about, and degrade her for. She didn’t mind, after all she was already being teased for being the most overweight in the household. “Lose weight first, bullshit later.” “Are you serious?” “Go to sleep and dream about it, because you aren’t getting there in life.” Would be the responses that she received, when normally family members would encourage their child. Spending a good five years of her life babysitting, the ten-year-old Kumori would study medical ninjutsu, since she was a bit of a coward in fighting. She’s hypersensitive to pain and has a lower tolerance for it. While cradling a baby, she would be studying from a book, and even practiced a few medical ninjutsus on the kids who ended up hurting themselves. Unfortunately, half the time she just looked retarded with her hand over a kid’s cut leg. Nothing happened, and her hand was simply hovering over the child. There was a chance of her being sent to the mental asylum, because her family assumed that she was losing it.

By the time she was twelve, Kumori was finally given a mentor to assist her in her training and lived with him until she quit or finished. If she could do it, then congratulations, if not then her dreams can die off. On day one, she was late, but her mentor didn’t seem too bothered by it. Her basic task was to learn how to properly toss an object and still hit the bullseye. On plenty of occasions, she had accidentally stabbed her mentor while leaning back to toss it. A couple of months went by and her aim increased at a steady pace. With decent aim, she was able to toss shurikens and kunais with ease. “You’re lucky that you aren’t in an academy, because in an academy you would have failed for taking too long to learn.” Her mentor would say while wiping away a bead of sweat and sighing with relief. Shortly after a whole year of target practice, she was given a couple of basic ninjutsus that any beginner could accomplish. It still took her a while, and she failed it plenty of times. Her mentor was becoming more and more impatient, and even grew hesitant on teaching her anything. “You’re lucky I’m being paid for this.” he would say while wiping sweat away from his face. He had to demonstrate for her over and over again.

It took Kumori a whole ten years to master basic medical ninjutsu and shuriken throwing. As a bonus, her mentor had taught her acupuncture, so her favorite fighting style involved needles and small sharp objects. Using small wild animals as live target practice, Kumori would grin with satisfaction as she managed to impale the animals in the ass and heart. Cooking her prey would have been the best part of it, and she even coated her needles with a certain liquid that would tenderize the meat. At the age of twenty-three, after eighteen years of training, Kumori mastered the art of tossing things at her targets. With unwavering aim, she could easily fight without using any ninjutsu. In fact, she could just use nothing but weapons. There was an alternate option for her, since ninjutsu was hard for her to really do. Instead, she was taught how to channel her chakra into her weapons instead. Surprisingly, that didn’t give her a hard time. As a result, she ended up sticking to close-range combat and in dangerous battles, she would toss shurikens and kunais attached to steel wires (explosive tags are frequently used to injure, but with environmental damages on the downside.) In return for learning how to use her chakra with weapons and basic medical ninjutsu, Kumori returned home with abs, longer hair, and a tough attitude.

With the help of her mentor, she eventually became a jack-of-all-trades and a SLIGHTLY successful ninja. She helped the elderly in exchange for money, tutored children in school for money, bounty hunted for money, and in the end she did most of her missions for money. Without even knowing, her mentor had raised her into a money-grabbing ninja who unknowingly destroys the area around her while mindlessly attacking her target. Most of the time she doesn’t even take her job seriously, and goofed around. It wasn’t until the war, at the age of 29, that she temporarily got her act together. She surprised her family and mentor with her military prowess, her clever booby traps and unpredictable suggestions. Most of her suggestions sounded too impossible and ridiculous to accomplish, but it managed to confuse the enemy temporarily until they retreated. It was time to vote for a new village head, and Kumori was unaware of the votes being in her favor. At first, everyone was hesitant because they felt that she was not qualified, but using her mentor’s recommendations and her prowess during the war, she was given the opportunity. To their horror, she didn’t seem to take her job seriously at all. As usual she was playing around and playing pranks like a child. Luckily, during battle she could still maintain her demeanor while kicking ass.

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During childhood, Kumori would be viewed as a shy and quiet individual, but at home she was quite rowdy. Poking holes through the paper screens on the doors, planting worms and dirt underneath the blankets, feeding her siblings expired food, and even behave in the most unladylike manners during a formal event. At the dinner table, she would frequently stab her food with a knife in order to eat them in smaller chunks. She has no problem with pulling out a wedgie in front of others as well as picking her nose. Kumori’s manner of speaking would be considered inappropriate, because she has quite the vulgar vocabulary and tone. Being frequently bossed around or ignored can easily flip her switches, and being hot-headed doesn’t make it any better. Perverted, bold and blunt, Kumori is not afraid to speak her mind (usually) and she treats everyone like a friend or child.
The only exceptions would be anyone who’s an enemy or declared an enemy by her close friends. Against those she dislikes, Kumori can be quite brutal and harsh. She makes sure that she targets their weakest points, in some cases she’ll play dirty. In battle, Kumori likes to double check if her enemy is dead, which makes her quite ruthless. Sometimes double checking would involve skull crushing to guarantee instant death or maybe spine snapping. This occurs regularly when she has a temper and is fuming with rage.
As the village head, she is required to be serious every once in a while. So to tone it down a bit, she push her jokes aside for later and actually pay attention. Other than that, she’s pretty lazy in terms of doing paperwork, so she would slack off. Rarely in her office, Kumori enjoys blending in and becoming one with her civilians just to experience their pain and happiness. That way, it helps her figure out what needs to be changed without anything sugarcoated.


Because Kumori felt the need to express herself, she had bleached her hair to the point where it became white. Slicked back and spiked down to her waist, she wears horn hair ornaments to keep her hair out of her face during battle. Training under the sun, with mostly cardio and strength, she grew tan and had more abs than a typical teenage boy. Frequently she wears bandages or something light around her chest, while still showing off her abs. During her years of training, she had hunted down a black bear, and ended up using its fur as a shawl. Still wanting to keep a slight feminine appearance, she wears short skirts with another skirt layered over it, with tassels hanging off. Barefoot at home and around her office, the only times Kumori would wear shoes is out in public. Usually they consist of boots with leg warmers over it. Sometimes they would be sandals with heels.

Kumori's second outfit, usually used in harsher combat and for mobility, involves her hair tied into a ponytail. She wears ankle length wedges with high-waisted pants, torn on the front with fishnet stockings underneath, and a sports bra with a fishnet sweater over it. She frequently wears it unzipped and finishes her outfit off with a mask and leather gloves.


"Okaaaay..." -Kumori

"Idontwanna." -Kumori

"I'll do it, for a price." -Kumori


Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Starting Rank - - - - - - - - -






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