Template:Clan The Kyōki Clan (狂気一族, Kyōki Ichizoku) is a clan of hidden shinobi that travel usually from nation to nation, village to village. Being hidden from the world as much as possible for their ways of life, they are indeed looked down upon and almost every member of the clan is set upon a kill on sight from their habits and views.

Background Edit

The Kyōki Clan are known mainly by "Gypsies" as they've been come to be named, even from the beginning of time. As you may guess, they stay traveling  and any member left behind is left behind unless they meet back up with the clan at some point. Teaching others the way of puppetry along their ways. Hiding the factor that they had a very gifted Dojutsu within them, they slowly started to make money from small shows and the teachings they offered. Much like any traveling caravan, they kept to themselves mainly, often when seen during the night, they would be sitting around a fire, speaking about their tricks, skills and gossip about possible places to travel to next. Many years later, their "special" puppets seemed a bit odd to some people for being able to use nature transformations. When this was founded out, it was known that every puppet they ever had were indeed Human Puppets which caused them to slowly go into hiding and under fake names. When the clan would show up in a village, people slowly started to go missing, mainly those known as ninja. Coming forth with the perfect way of converting a human into a puppet so they can use them at their disposal, they kept on with their teachings however, not in front of those that they knew about them, if they could found out such information before continuing. Much like the "Father" to them all Kyūseishu Kyōki, each member had some form of mental illness that caused them to either stray from the clan or move more into their dark presence in the world. Within more years passing, the clan slowly started to separate from each other to cover more ground but most were killed off for their ways of life and their puppetry. Closing themselves off into mountains, underground caverns, ect, they still struck within the close villages. Going from a large population to such low numbers, some still traveled but the ones that chose to do so were the ones that gave up the lifestyle of converting humans into tools. Those that did so were looked down upon and exiled from the clan, becoming known as traitors to the ways of "Father" or better known as Kyūseishu. When the time came, not many were left that traveled so there was not many Kyōki Clan members out in the world.

Diminishing down to nobody even known, there was though, a prophecy known upon the clan of a child being born within the clan that will carry on the Will of Kyūseishu. Most of the clan members feared the day that this child came into the world for the simple fact that Kyūseishu was one of the largest criminals in each of the nations though, he seemingly escaped death many times. Far from insane..worse, most of the ones around him were terrified, not knowing if they'd be killed while they slept or if their children, friends, family were safe. The day he died at the age of seventy eight, was when the clan started to attempt to bring their name truth and harmony though, not being able to escape their act of puppetry since each one were taught from childhood on how to do everything and it was drilled in their head from birth that anyone outside of the clan or some inside of it were enemies of all of them. Kyūseishu was also known to have a God Complex. Seeing himself as a "Savior" of the world, he thought that killing everyone and turning them into toys of death would bring peace to the world, either that or it would bring complete destruction to all, which he did not mind at all.

Dojutsu Edit

Gisei Hanketsu is the clan's special Dojutsu. It is a very diverse pair of eyes that have amazing perception, able to see things at high speeds, much like the Sharingan. Increasing their field of view and their eyesight to outstanding amounts, there was also the factor of them being able to see a great distance away, which was beyond perfect for long range fighters within the clan or rather, the puppeteers. Of course, along with all other forms of Dojutsu, they are indeed able to see chakra.

It is unknown if there is another stage of this Dojutsu.

Dojutsu Appearance Edit

The pair of eyes when the Dojutsu is activated begin to glow slightly in a bright blue manner while around the pupil, a white circle forms around it as the pupil itself turns to the blue that the eyes let off in their glow. From the scleras of the eyes, white lines that come from the bottom and the top corners slide down to connect with the circle around the pupil. As probably known already, when the Dojutsu becomes active, the entire eye turns into the bright blue color, sclera and all, except for the of course, the white lines.

Important Clan members Edit

Kyūseishu Kyōki

Hiningentekina Kyōki

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