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Mikoto grew up in a bordering village but learned quickly that this place didn't have much potential for giving him the power he needed. They hid power and protected it like secrets so that no one had it but the village itself. So by age 11 Mikoto left the village and headed out to find his own path. As an 11 year old he wasn't strong but he had learned from his old teacher how to wield two swords. So in his time as an 11 year old he was forced to fight for himself, grow more skilled and more powerful using the skills he had learned as a child against opponents with more experience than himself. It took him but 6 months before he treaded to the village hidden in the rain, the place he would soon call home. It had the perfect fend for yourself life style he needed to grow stronger while still having teachers to help you grow in power by passing skills on. He was in heaven, a power stricken heaven and he loved it. He didnt miss his parents, nor his siblings since they all seemed to enjoy the boring life a civilian. He had a calling and he took it, knowing well that if the Rain and his old home went to war that he would have to kill his own friends and family. Knowing this, he was confident that he could do it without a flinch or hesitation, he wasn't heartless, but simply pledged loyalty to the home he called The Village Hidden In the Rain. Now as a 14 year old boy, he was working even harder than ever to become the best, and had learned to respect Amegakure as if he was born there from the start.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Mikoto has an acute sense for people with strong perceptive skills. His comments and his speach paterns do not offten raise or lower more then a few octaves when he's hyperfocusing during a fight or in the middle of a mission, almost like a 6th sense. Outside of battle he can be very playful or joking and be sort of the life of a situation. His natural personality is to be an ass when he meets some one but as he warms up to them will quickly become nicer and protect them with his own life. This only applies to men though, for women he is always polite but never particularly flirtatious since he is very picky when it comes to his choices. During training he has a determination and strong drive to get stronger as well as spending most of his time training either with a partner or alone rather then spending his time with friends, though he will make time for 1 or two important people to him while only talking to the others when he bumps into them. His back story is neither sad nor happy, more of boring, leading to his purpose for being a ninja.

Mikoto was always more athletic and stronger then his friends which is what makes him adventurous and wanting to go out of the village on missions rather then in the village cooking or working a 9-5 job for the rest of his life. He has a blood lust not to kill, but to feel the adrenhaline rush of battle. He craves it and loves the feeling of it but prefers not to kill his opponent if they are a good challenge just for the sake of fighting them again unless they have caused great distress to him or his loved ones. Beyond kind he has an attraction with animals, not with loving them but with them loving him. His personality will seem to bring mostly wolves to follow him both inside the village and on missions which he one day hopes to use as an advantage. He always has been ahead in his class of people his age and is more determined then most to be the strongest Shinobi in his village, and eventually the world.


Mikoto is a 14 year old white haired child that generally wears as gas mask to strike intimidation through the muffled voice it causes and the mystery behind the mask. Though behind this mask, he has blue eyes and what one could call a perfect skin complexion as well as pretty boy looks. Mostly he wears a long black jacket with a scarf around his neck to block out the rain of Amegakure that cools the land. His shinobi pants come down to his shins, but are met by shinobi shoes built for speed that cover every inch of skin. The jacket is long sleeved and is covered on the forearms by arm guards painted black with a strong paint meant not to be scratched as to keep their look. Further down, his hands are covered by black gloves with a single plate on the back of the hand attached to the arm guards. Essentially every inch of his body was clothed to hid his identity and strike fear into his opponent. Just above the elbow is where he has on each arm a grey wrap that isnt tight, but keeps his clothes down to increase speed and fluid movement, and over top of the wrap on his left arm holds his Amegakure armband. Possibly the most notable feature is his belt, it spans down over his thighs on both sides, yet not in the middle with many belts woven into it that hold all of his ninja tools rather than a pouch for them, making it easier to grab and access them. Just for show, a few inches above the gas mask he has a pair of jolly roger goggles painted black and white, a memento from his brother.


Fight Beginning Sentence: "It's Show Time.."

Catch Phrase: "You'll meet death when I remove this Mask."

To kill all that oppose his village and be the strongest he can possibly be.


Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Starting Rank 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 12






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