The HinotoriEdit

The Hinotori is an elite organization of 12 shinobi, its primary goal, to enslave the shinobi world using synthetic tailed beasts, or other created demons. In their ideals they believe that villages will only stop feuding if they have one powerful dictator to hold dominion over them all, and they wish to become that dictator. Each member of this organization hails from all over the shinobi world and all seem to have a similar story of disrespect within their village leading them to have become rogue. Most of the members are also renown S-Class Rogue Ninja, so their overall influence and power is nothing to laugh at.They will typically move in four 3 man squads as they carry out missions and occasionally will move as a single unit due to the severity of the mission.

Hinotori (黙殺) is a Japanese word meaning "Firebird" or "Phoenix".It is composed of three kanji: (Hi "Fire") (no, "Hiragana") and (Tori, "Bird"). This name was found by the organization to symbolize their goal to rule the shinobi world through death and rebirth. The basic goal being total control of the shinobi world. This is fueled by their hatred of shinobi being treated like outcasts and freaks rather than like fellow human beings. Their symbol is a white circle being inveloped by a larger black circle. This is to symbolise the dusk falling on the Shinobi Era, where they see themselves as the dusk.


  1. Hikaru Kaguya -
  2. Hiro Naru -
  3. Mai Otsutsuki -
  4. Renpaku Mori -
  5. Osamu Mori -
  6. Kage Tenro -
  7. Alice Rinha -
  8. Namato Hirasaka -
  9. Pokku Tsuchigumo -
  10. Drake Kagetsu -
  11. Gamba Kedoin -
  12. Nana Shiin -

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