As you know, money is a fundamental part that allows people to live. Though its not as minute as working with money in real life, money still holds its worth in this world. This money has such values as helping people purchase new tools, weapons; etc.

Money Conversion and WorthEdit

This specific world runs on Ryō, the currency which the known shinobi world uses. Ryō is similar to Yen, the currency which Japan today uses. Traditionally speaking, Ryō is equivalent to 10 Yen. However, this was real Yen and it makes more sense in this world for Ryō to actually be equivalent to Yen. In this case, Yen is essentially a penny's worth in American USD. This means that 100 Ryō equals a single dollar. This is how you may convert Ryō and in turn see reasonable estimates within the amount of money you're given from missions.


Shops will generally differ greatly from country to country, district to district, but for the sake of not overdoing it: Distinct shops generally carry the same value. Because of this, every shop has been put into a separate category where their products may have the same base value from differing areas.

  • Armory (this includes weapons, tools, armor; etc.)
  • Clothing (this includes common clothes which your character may purchase to have additional looks to them.)

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