Otherworldly Detention Technique
EnglishOtherworldly Detention
ClassificationFuin Kekkai, Genjutsu

Yin Release Yin Release

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A unique Fuin Kekkai (A sealing barrier) created by Azure. What makes this Fuin Kekkai unique is the use of Yin Chakra.


This technique has a long set-up time because it requires the user to place four scrolls around a certain perimeter before opening each in unison through remote application of the unsealing technique. This causes the scrolls to spread out and meet one another in a square-shape from which spawns a cubical barrier that traps anyone within the perimeter (up to a Football field in terms of size) within a fantastical world that is the product of Genjutsu.

This fantastical world is what anyone trapped between the seals is sealed into for as long as the barrier remains erect. This makes it a great temporary answer to sealing something large or powerful. Azure can decide how the fantastical world looks and usually has it represent some fairy tale to further distract those caught from the realization that their Chakra is sealed off from interacting with the outside world and can't pass through the barrier walls (Unless overwhelming force is used.).

  • Requires the User's focus to maintain

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