Background InformationEdit

Even at a young age, Rin Haruno always dreamt of finding purpose in life and not one fabricated by stories and myths, certainly not fairy tales overrun by her parents and even her clan. Her and her elder sister Tsubaki grew up alongside each other and were trained in both mental and physical combat. Rin was able to come to a terms that since Tsubaki was the eldest, she was going to live and carry on the family’s legacy and become the future head priestess. Rin loves her sister and respects whatever decision and/or path she decides to follow and since her sister already had purpose, Rin left the safety of her home in order to find her own footing. It wasn't long after that she decided upon that she wanted to become stronger, more intellectual and even more skilled and so she found refuge in Amegakure.  

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Growing up and even to this day, Rin is known for being quiet and observant, yet short-tempered with a sadistic sense of humor. She prefers to silently watch things conclude on the side-lines rather than engage in any form of combat, unless she sees worth or purpose. However in battle, her harsh expressions reveal themselves as they are instantly switched to a stubborn, sinister, confident yet brutal monster. She remains utterly loyal to those she truly cares about and is devoted to her superiors. She is adventurous and takes pride in her trainings, and wishes to further pursue and succeed in achieving all of her life's pursuit.


Rin is approximately and currently twelve years old and is five feet tall yet still growing fast and weighs eighty-five pounds with long faint brown hair, large green eyes and porcelain skin. It is very rare to see her hair down for she carries it up in a messy ponytail most of the time. Her bust appears much larger than a regular child would have at this age but that is also due to family genetics. Her casual attire consists of monochromatic colors which are; a white skirt with a few slits,revealing her black shorts underneath, her footwear is also black and goes just below her knee and her white top covers her chest and back with white sleeves and black gloves to correspond.


"I have selective giving a damn. And usually, I select no."


Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Starting Rank 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 12






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