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Being in the mere family of a first line offspringed group of the Uzumaki clan, there was one day a child born into the world by the name of Sachi Uzumaki. A beautiful baby girl with auburn hair and blue eyes. This little girl was soon to be loved completely by her family that resided amongst the Village Hidden in the Rain or better known as Amegakure. Being born into a family where she had two loving sisters that cared deeply for her, even more than Sachi's own parents. Being shown many things as she was becoming slightly older, around the age of three, she was taught to play-fight with them with a small, lightweighted, wooden battleaxe which was perfect for a child. Showing her the different ways of usage, she was taught from the young age. Though, her parents didn't like the life of a ninja, they knew the couldn't hold their little girls back from it if it was truly what they wanted which, was proven by Sachi's older sisters as they were Kunoichi's of the Rain.

Years later around the age of 8, she's was given a heavier battleaxe but still wooden by her sisters which she took in a pleasing form that she never let go and trained with everyday. Becoming much more proficient with this weapon, she showed her sisters what she had learned on her own and to their surprise, she was becoming rather skilled with it. Still going through the academy, Sachi was the happiest she could ever be as she was taken amongst her peers as a bright child and their academy Sensei as one that "would shine through the droplets of Amegakure". Being more attuned to the ways that her sisters taught her of the Kunoichi, she continued on her path to success which leads us to the age of 12 years old. 

Upon coming to the age of 12, she was close to graduation, maybe just a few months before the said opening day to a new life, Sachi was given a real battleaxe that was weighted heavily and the iron shimmered due to the brand new polished metal. A mere reason she was given this weapon by her sisters which was a simple way of showing their love for her and that they were glad for how much she's grown since her little years. Being happy among many other emotions, Sachi hugged them both and cried in tears of joy to their gift which was indeed an early graduation present. Though, a couple days later, Sachi's sisters were automatically given a mission that dealt with the outskirts of Amegakure but the details were classified. As Sachi begged them not to go because she wanted to spend more time with them, they said that they had to and said goodbye however, what Sachi didn't know was that this was their last goodbye..and short amount of time together. After weeks had passed after the mission would have been done, they never came back. With more and more time passing, Amegakure marked Sachi's sisters and two others from their team, dead. Sachi was soon given the news while she took it hard, she knew deep down that she had to stay strong for them, she had to stay strong for her family and even her new life she was approaching in the next two months. Hardening herself with emotions to overcome the sad death of her sisters, she became the girl she was today. As the graduation for her academy years came close and her life as a Kunoichi soon became in sight, she was ready to show her worth...(More to come through RP.)

Family DP 1

Sachi with her family

Personality & Behavior Edit

Sachi is a very mysterious child, always deep within her mind. You'll often see her gathering thoughts and connecting her knowledge. When she gets to know you she has her excitement like any other kid. She's very caring, understanding and outgoing when she has to be. But her worst quality is her stubbornness, she's like a rock when she's passionate some something. She considerably developed in forms of etiquette due to living in higher standards and extremely well mannered. However if you're rude to her... you better be ready for the storm because she will not take anyones crap. She can also be quite observant.

Appearance Edit

Sachi has long, silky smooth, straight auburn hair- which she usually has up into two side pony tails. Her eyes are blue like aquamarine gem stones and her skin is almost like pearls. She often walks around with with her battle axe that was giver to her by her sisters and has two black pouches tied to her lower back carrying other essential weaponry. Her basic attire is s pale blue open back top thats short up to her mid belly in the front and long to about her lower calf on the back. Along with her top she uses black flexible fabric pants and high heel ninja boots.

Nindo Edit

I live to protect and I fight to survive.

Databook Edit

Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Starting Rank 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 12

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