Weapon description Edit

Shi no Bachi is a special ōdachi of Hiraku Takana. The ōdachi has a length of 5'10, including blade and hilt together, making it nearly as long as Hiraku is tall. The hilt is made of a red type of wood that is overlain by black cloth that trails off the pommel of the sword's hilt. Beyond this is an intricate guard which features three inverted tomoe that make up a mitsudomoe. The center of the mitsudomoe meet up to converge into the dark blade of the ōdachi, making for a unique appearance when taking in its details. The blade itself appears purely black aside from its edges which give off a metallic sheen.

Upon looking at it, due to its length, one would casually think that the ōdachi was just a piece of art, because for one it is definitely a beauty to behold; however this sword holds power within that goes beyond what one may simply imagine to come out of such a sword.

This power comes in its ability to transform through a technique Hiraku learned upon manifesting the sword. This transcendent stage of Hiraku's weapon is called Shi no Kami Bachi (死の神・罰 Death god's punisher.) Upon acheiving transcendence, the sword ultimately transforms into a broad form similar to a buster sword. While the hilt does maintain its original form, the rest of the sword would have changed into its new form. The guard now shaped into the mouth of a yōkai, with carnivorous teeth that yield its metal tongue. Its wild eyes symmetrical of either side stare off into the void like the madness that plagues Hiraku's mind.

The blade itself is much more broad, now double-edged as well. Given its size, the sword also needs someone with great strength to wield it (3.50 strength required to use in this form.) This makes for a devastating sword, capable of cleaving entire people in half with one swing.

With this, there are many other techniques that further make it a devastating sword in conjunction with many techniques which come from the sword's use.

Utilized TechniquesEdit

Weapon history Edit

This great weapon was manifested by Hiraku Takana, a man plagued by memories of past. While the weapon doesn't have much actual history to it, Hiraku has made continuous use of the weapon throughout his life. Because of this, the sword also serves as an object of unyielding value to Hiraku.

Weapon Creator Edit

Hiraku Takana

Approved by Divine Ziel (talk)Edit

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