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Shiro was abandoned by his parents at the gates of Amegakure as an infant. He was raised by an elderly couple who was never able to sire children. He grew up loving them, but being distant from every other person in the Hidden Rain. He often didn't wear a raincoat to stop the rain from hitting him. He welcomed the cool feel of the rain to try and simmer down his burning heart. He became a shinobi, and has finally graduated, becoming a Genin. For some reason, Shiro was held back a year before he was allowed to join up with a Shinobi team. Edit

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Shiro is very distant from others around him, except for his adopted parents. He loves to study and learn new things, so he always aced every exam. He talks big, and backs it up if someone challenges him, and defends his friends, and those who cannot defend themselves, even if he gets beaten down for it. He hides his emotions from everyone but his parents. He is quick to judge others, and hates to be proven wrong, so he makes a point of never being wrong. Edit

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Shiro has a black Mohawk, shaved on both sides. He has pierced ears, and wears generally black clothing, except when lounging at home and doing errands for his folks. Then he usually wears a white T, and some tanned shorts. His eyes are cold, but there is a deep yearning for acceptance behind them. Edit

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I never leave a fight half finished. Edit
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