The Stamina System

This is a system unique to F.G.N and all other San Studio projects. This system is designed to create a limit on people’s fighting, in this you can find more realistic ways to settle a battle instead of letting them drag on forever. In example, say two Genin have been fighting for a while. Normally, the two would’ve kept on at full power with only mere mentions of how tired they were. With the system, they would actually have that as their characters grew weaker and weaker. Eventually they would come to a point where they were so exhausted they could no further attack one another and simply collapsed. To explain how this works, let us begin with the base of the system. This whole system revolves around the decay of points. This decay is a set number that takes an overall effect on someone’s Databook. This causes for a person’s character to grow weaker over the course of time as they test their own limits and eventually give out from exhaustion. This decay will vary from one skill level to the next, below is a short list of decay rates for each character.

  • Genin: The average Genin’s decay rate costs -.05 points, this means that a Genin loses .50 points every 10 rounds.
  • Chūnin: The average Chūnin’s decay rate costs -.06 points, this means that a Chūnin loses .90 points every 15 rounds.
  • Novice Jōnin: The average Novice Jōnin’s decay rate costs -.075 points, this mean that a N. Jōnin loses 1.50 points every 20 rounds.
  • Jōnin: The average Jōnin character’s decay rate is -.080, meaning that an Jōnin loses 2 points every 25 rounds.
  • S-Rank: The average S-Rank character’s decay rate is -.083, meaning that an S-Rank loses 2.49 points every 30 rounds.

Beyond this, there are still many variables still needed to be discussed off to fully understand the Stamina System.

The Five Sections

Skill Level Bad Sub-par Okay Good Great
Genin 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00
Chūnin 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50
N. Jōnin 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00
Jōnin 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.25 3.50
S-Rank 3.00 3.25 3.50 4.375 5.00

Above you can see a chart that display’s at how good someone stands with a given section on a stat in the Databook. This applies well to the Stamina system as this affects the rate by which someone’s Stamina decays. Depending upon how good or bad your stats are in the Stamina section, it will most definitely affect how your game plays out. Below is a given multiplier that determines how your decay may change with your stats.

  • Bad: This causes a person’s decay rate to multiply by 1.5 times, this is the worst level of Stamina as you can imagine. In example, a Genin would now have a decay rate of -.075. This would make it where you lost .75 points per 10 rounds.
  • Subpar: This causes for your decay rate to multiply by 1.25 times, not necessarily being the worst but it’s still not okay for a person. In example, a Genin’s decay rate would now stand at -.062; the Genin would now lose .62 points every 10 rounds.
  • Okay: This has no decay rate, making for an average decay rate.
  • Good: This causes for a person’s decay rate to go down to .75 times, this is where an individual obviously begins to have better stamina than before. For a Genin with good Stamina, this would mean that their decay rate is now at -.037. This would mean that they now only lose .37 points per 10 rounds.
  • Great: This causes for a person's decay rate to go down to .50 times, halving their given decay rate. This would cause for a Genin's decay rate to go down to -.025 points. This would mean that they lose only .25 points per 10 rounds.

Even with these given variables based off of the Five Sections, there's even more to account for in Stamina. Though it is the last part, and arguably, helps extend fighting time to a given extent. This portion of the Stamina is called the grace period, this is a set amount of turns that is in order so that a fight may start off without the immediate notice of Stamina (this being for specific skill levels however.)

Below you can find a list of all of the skills and how they are affected by the Grace Period.

Genin: Have a 10 round grace period before Stamina begins.

Chūnin: Have a 5 round grace period before Stamina begins.

N. Jōnin: Are not affected.

Jōnin: Are not affected.

S-Rank: Are not affected.


Eventually, when it comes down to it, an individual will collapse from given exhaustion. This will happen whenever your opponent or yourself reaches at or below 1 points within 4 stats of their 

This concludes the Stamina System, for further information on possibly unexplained portions, please look to the Helpdesk and you should be able to find your answers here.

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