The Standby Station is a place where most shinobi may gather around a lobby, or hub, here it is that missions are assigned and most can generally sit down and relax. This place is also a branch of the Senate Office, making the two buildings connected to each other. This allows short walks between one building and the next, given it were needed, in order to see someone such is the Village Head.


Like most architecture within Amegakure, this building takes upon a dull, monochromatic look. It has a cylindrical shape to it, and rises only a few stories to be a small tower of sorts. Because of the industrial likeness which most architecture in Amegakure has, this small tower also is enveloped by a number of pipes and foreign mechanisms which appear to power the building.

The last part of the building is a hall which connects the Standby Station with the Senate Office. This allows the users to travel through the two buildings without the need to get wet from going a short distance from the two places.

Upon entering the building through its glass double-door's, a person may find a lobby where most shinobi can be found hanging casually about. 

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