Jutsu HistoryEdit

This is a jutsu that was soon developed after Kurasen, an Amegakure shinobi, after learning how to use the Storm Release. This technique was developed from the base principles of one of the few Storm Release techniques known out there, Lightning Circus.

Jutsu EffectsEdit

After the proper hand seals are formed, the user will raise a single hand where several petals of energy will form around the said hand and rotate around. While doing so, a sphere will develop in the users hand and begin to grow large. After becoming around the size of a basketball: The sphere will suddenly explode to become almost the size of a boulder as it stretches out into a straight-line beam that is capable of destroying almost anything in its path.


  • Jutsu is incredibly powerful, destroying almost everything in its path.


  • Because of the jutsu's due strength, it can only be used so many times a day. Someone who is new to the technique can only use it 2 times, where a proficient user could possibly use it up to 4 times a day.

Approved by: Divine Ziel (talk) Edit

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