Jutsu name Edit

Sword Of Shinigami: Strengthened Blade

Jutsu handseal('s) Edit


Jutsu Effects Edit

With the use of Katsuo's special tanto, someone with the Shikotsumyaku may be able to activate the bone clusters in the tanto in order to form a longer sword in the manner of a Katana, or going to the lengths of an Odachi. This new blade is also at a higher strength than that of steel, as could be regular Kaguya bone.

Jutsu Rank Edit


Jutsu Element('s) Edit

Clan Jutsu:

Shikotsumyaku needed

Jutsu Creator Edit

Katsuo Kaguya

Jutsu History Edit

This jutsu was created by Katsuo whenever he learned to fully use the family heirloom that is his tanto. This being around the time when he became of ANBU and he began to try and become more skilled at manipulation of chakra in order to find out a way to use the bone clusters in his sword that were viewable given open sections in the blade that allowed a view of its inner density.

Jutsu Pros & Cons Edit

Pro: This jutsu allows the conversion of Katsuo's sword into that of greater length to where it may be used in different styles and thus making him unpredictable when using this technique of sorts.

Con: The effects of the jutsu are permanent so the bone can not be reverted to an earlier form. The only way by which the shell of bone can be taken off is through smithing. There being that the blade can only be removed after battle.

Approved by: DivineZiel Edit

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