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Upon the birth of Takeshi Takana, he was already born into a family of nobles and had a family member that was protective of him. Even as at a very young age, Takeshi would want to play with his big brother whenever he was home instead of playing with his friends. Laughing all the time and being a rather open baby, it wasn't long until Takeshi grew up more.

With Takeshi growing up, he watched his brother play-fight with his friends as it made Takeshi want to do such as well which caused him to do such with other family members since Takeshi barely went outside to find friends. When Hiraku was ever around, Takeshi always wanted to play but being rather small, he was turned down on play fighting though, Hiraku was a playful brother to him. That was until..he started to go to the academy but even then, Takeshi always made effort and succeeded with it, which caused him to be a close to extremely happy child.

At the point of Hiraku becoming a Genin and the war being along the land, Takeshi found some friends but not many and they weren't the "toughest" kids around. The day that Hiraku was to be sent to the front lines for the war, Takeshi didn't understand where his brother was going and cried. His family trying to calm him down, they didn't understand the bond that Takeshi formed with his older brother. Not much later, due to the war..Takeshi lost his brother. Not as serious as most would think but Hiraku, was different. When Takeshi attempted to play with Hiraku after..the incident, Takeshi was always turned down. Following these action further down the road, Takeshi decided that he was going to join the academy like Hiraku but to bring his brother back and for the reason he chose to as well, to protect..

After time passed and a lot of talking with his parents, even at his young age, Takeshi was enrolled within the academy. With himself finding more friends than he ever did, he was rather popular for having a bright spirit even in times of war. Always trying to cheer those that were down, up, Takeshi did his best with it and kept pushing through with flying colors. A little after Takeshi turned 9 years old, he became a Genin, passing the academy, near the top of his class. With this becoming manifested into the world, Takeshi was teamed up with Zuichi Uzumaki and Sui Haruno, both females while their sensei was an older gentleman by the name of Zaraki Hatake. Seeing his team being one among many within his year, Takeshi was proud of his decision to join the academy. Though not long after it, his team was already assigned to a high ranked mission that involved them flanking around the battlefield to try to scout out what had been going on. Saying goodbye to his family one last time before Takeshi had to run off and do his duties as a Shinobi should, he met up with his team, ready for anything. Before he left the village though, he looked back towards the direction of his home where he knew Hiraku was and said "I'll bring you back, brother...or die trying." Smiling to his words, he then followed suit with his teammates on leaving the village and beginning their mission officially.

Taking a couple of days to escape all possible outcomes of being ambushed, just in case, they finally reached a safe haven on the other side while they rested for a single night, where they thought they were completely safe. Takeshi being a comforting person to be around for his high spirits, he spoke of stories that brought amazement to the girls and laughs to Zaraki. Though, that very night when they were all asleep, Iwagakure Shinobi fled into their post, as if they knew exactly where they were, the whole time. Takeshi woke up after hearing footsteps and noticed that the girls were sound asleep but Zaraki was nowhere to be found. Not even thinking of waking the girls, Takeshi was merely just gonna scope out the surrounding until he heard a deeper voice speaking with Zaraki. Hearing his traitor ways, Takeshi ran back to the girls however, he ended up running a bit too fast and made noise which caused Iwagakure ninja to run in after him as he was then caught in the clutches of one and yelled out in pain from the instant strong grip on his small body. The yell woke up the ladies as they started to scream but were quickly shut up by being knocked out. All of them being tied up quick, Takeshi saw Zaraki walk into his sight as Zaraki said to the leader of the Iwa squad "The boy, he has potential, I'd keep him if I were but the girls, do as you will." Once he said so, Takeshi rummaged around bindings as he yelled out multiple times. Finally being knocked out, Takeshi and his team were dragged to an outpost deeper into the forest. Being strapped up to a large stone pillar next to his teammates when he finally woke up, Takeshi took note of the situation as he tried to release himself while Zaraki walked out of shadows and said "Look, I know you're scared but don't worry, you'll work for us and you don't even need to worry." Within the time of this going on, Takeshi watched his teammates being killed in front of him as he cried from not being able to protect them and then himself being beaten over everything that he sought out as depression. Over the course of being gone three weeks, Takeshi was transferred to a closer location to Iwagakure as he started to become bitter and a prisoner of war.

Through the countless beatings from the ones holding him captive, it caused deep scars over his face and it took away his eyesight, due to the multiple hard hits along his cranium, near his ocular paths. With his bright jade eyes becoming dim and dull as if he was dead, his pupil was covered by a light green color. As Takeshi was in this hell, he was thinking of Hiraku as he was left alone for one day without a beating, saying on how he was sorry that he wasn't able to go back home. Feeling the same emotions he felt whenever he cried but not letting out a single tear, Takeshi was being changed..turning bitter and becoming a monster on the inside. The rage that dwelled within him became deeper and more harsh though, he didn't know it. Around this time, Takeshi was marked dead by Amegakure while his home was sent the message. With him being moved once more deeper into the territory of Iwa, Takeshi was severely beaten which this time, it caused him to start to have breathing problems. The preserve his life, they had to let him use a rebreather before and after every beating, though, Takeshi started to not even feel the pain and just stayed where he was forced to, taking it all, every day. One day when he was being moved to another location, he kept a cool head and a calm way about himself. Being bound by rope, he knew he could escape the clutches of it by using the Rope Escape Technique. Using the jutsu, he became free as he landed on the ground but right when he hit the ground, he was yelled at by the Shinobi transferring him as Takeshi then used Body Flicker as he mumbled towards himself "Take me home.." Knowing it wasn't going to do so, he ended up using it to get to a close hut not too far away from his current area where he met an old man. Not even learning his name but being able to hear him, he informed him of what was going on and luckily for Takeshi, the male ended up hiding him out for a bit. After a few months had passed, Takeshi had escaped the thought of Iwa ninja and trained his other senses. His body full of scars that he was glad he couldn't see, he wondered if it was stuff like this that changed his older brother. Takeshi himself became bitter, cold and even had nightmares of everything, which caused him to wake up in cold sweats. Takeshi himself was a survivor of war.

With his stay coming to an end with the old man, Takeshi sought himself out and made his way back to Amegakure which took a couple of weeks but he was able to push the limit. Not caring if he lived or not, he only cared about making it back home to his family, at least to say goodbye.. With time being of nothing, Takeshi finally made it back to Amegakure though, being different than when he left. Now wearing a blindfold and a rebreather, he stayed shirtless though while his scars were heavy, all over his back, torso, face, arms..everywhere. Getting to the doors of the Takana estate, he walked in as he was welcomed by his family though, his brother wasn't there. Being asked what happened while his mother cried, Takeshi spoke to them that everything was fine wasn't. Their little boy was already mature. Being forced to explain why he had to wear a rebreather, his eyes..his scars..He felt a heavy amount of sadness among his emotions while he explained and much to his surprise, he was noted to be dead by Amegakure. The next day, he met with the village head as he explained everything to them and how Zaraki was a spy for Iwagakure.

As the next few years went on, Takeshi became Chunin but it wasn't that much of an experience for him due to not being able to see the beauty of his village..though, he felt and heard the rain which always kept him calm. Becoming stronger through his time of training, he spent most of his time alone and moved out to live on his own around the age of 15 when he became a Novice Jonin. Not wanting bother his family with his outlashes and screams in the night from the nightmares, he also declined every form of help that they attempted to give him. He wanted to keep the scars..the he could remember them and become stronger from them.

While he did train and do as he had to, to become stronger, he started to come into contact with the art of origami which he used to overcome thoughts. Incorporating his origami into his training, he became able to infuse his chakra into paper which came into hand when he would fight against others as a proof of strength. Not much could be said of everything else by the time he turned 19, he became a Jonin of Ame and let his life continue on as a shadow, which is what he liked to do though, with the academy coming to a close end that very year, he was bound to get a squad due to him being a Jonin. (More will be added as the rp continues.)

Personality & Behavior Edit

Personality: Proving to be calm, Takeshi was also bitter and cold, mainly keeping to a small list of people he would speak to at long extents. Flashbacks of the events always seemed to cross his mind but he kept them away for the most part. Secluding himself from the world as much as possible, he carried his emotions into origami, creating various pieces of art that he wouldn't keep but it helped him all the time. Among being the way the war caused him to be, Takeshi was quiet for the most part. Above all though, Takeshi showed loyalty that couldn't be broken by anything. This loyalty only carried towards things he cared about such as family and close friends.

While Takeshi shows loyalty and consideration for his comrades, he shows no mercy towards his enemies, slaughtering them indiscriminately with an obvious indifference. When dealing with individuals he perceives to be enemies to mankind, Takeshi's behaviour can become sadistic, and even vindictive. Takeshi often jeers at his enemies, remarking that he will enjoy watching them suffer, and describes in chilling detail how he intends to mutilate their bodies.

As Takeshi is calm and collected with the hint of bitterness and cold, he has a thirst for blood that he hides within himself which was caused by being a P.O.W. This rage, he held under lock and key. This mood can be always seen when he fights seriously which is hard to get him to do though, he always takes into consideration of his opponent, unless it was an enemy that is declared by him.

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As for his looks, Takeshi has dim jade eyes while a lighter green color covers his pupils. Though, his eyes are almost never seen due to him wearing a blindfold whenever in public. He has medium length, black hair that overlays his right hand a bit. Along his whole lean, muscular body, Takeshi is scarred, from top to bottom. Covering up some scars, are tattoos, mainly sleeves and some torso tattoos. Wearing slim, black pants and black sandals, he is also known to wear a black and red sash, along with a black rebreather that covers the lower half of his face. On his hands, he wears a pair of black cloth gloves. Covering his upper body, he has a shirt that is almost skin tight though, it has one sleeve which extends down his right arm while there is no sleeve over his left arm. Upon his left forearm could be a noticed a set of bracers which are indeed his Komainu Tsume gauntlets though, in their retracted form, under his right sleeve is the other bracer. Hidden underneath the back of his sash, are two kunai that he keeps from being seen though, the other two that he carries are attached to his sides; one on each hip, still under the sash.

Nindo Edit

Nindo "Ninja Way": N/A

Databook Edit

Databook Nin Tai Gen Hand Seals Strength Speed Stamina Int Total
Jonin 3.10 3.40 2.75 2.80 2.80 3.20 3.10 2.85 24

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