Tenzen Blade
RangeLong Range
Worth20 Points
Concealed Sword: Fujin has a double-edged, Steel sword resembling a jian or a shikomizue, which he keeps concealed inside an umbrella. The hilt resembles that of an umbrella and is wrapped in dark purple bandages. The umbrella itself is maroon. The umbrella has other uses in battle: it can be opened to briefly distract the opponent and create an opening, or to stab him using its tip seeing it's kind of pointy. The Umbrella is also equipped with many senbon that can be released from spring-loaded mechanisms situated in the ribs, which are used to perform the Senbon Shower. Worn on the back, the ninja can quickly open the umbrella and hurl it into the air.  When it springs into the air, it releases a hailing "shower" of senbon. Most of his senbons are laced with Golden Fool posion which he attempts to use in any battle situation.

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