Jutsu nameEdit

The Strike of the Mamba

Jutsu HandsealsEdit

N/A [Taijutsu]

Jutsu EffectsEdit

Allows the members to independently create 2 shafts of bone and create a quick weapon or perhaps a defensive in some cases. Because of the limited amount of protrusions it allows for the bones to simply be recreated in different spots as the original bone simply sinks back within the skin. The bones are about the length of a regular dagger and with an inward curve that has fine mini-serrated edges which allows for a goring if necessary. The curve isn't very serious however, almost straight to create a spike appearance. The diameter a bit thin, probably as much as a rib bone.

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Jutsu ElementsEdit

Clan Jutsu:

Kaguya Clan Kekkei Genkai needed

Jutsu HistoryEdit

With such a strange ability at hand, when Katsuo Kaguya was a young boy he began to experiment with his ability to manipulate his own bones. After spending a few weeks of messing around with his bones, Katsuo became primarily interested in the dagger-like blades that were of the few variations he could make emerge. With such adept speed of being able to manipulate these small things, Katsuo found that they would probably prove rather useful as a weapon.

Jutsu CreatorEdit

Katsuo Kaguya

Jutsu strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Pro: Versatile, and speedy growths of small blades allows for quick weapons.

Cons: Very few of these can be created, two to be exact for any user. Because of a shortage in number, this still allows for many a places for the blades not being able to cover and thus large, open spots for the enemy to penetrate.