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Toka (past Chunin)

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The Incomprehensible

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Chaotic Neutral

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Some scars still from the fire linger upon the right side of his rib area. Scar over his right eye however covered by the eye patch constantly. Kanji tattoos on his left abdomen and rib area. Scythe slice scar on his chest from protecting, Pandora. Fighting scars on his arms, chest, abdomen, ribs and back. Bottom lip pierced three times. Now he has tattoos running down his arms as well as multiple facial piercings. Scars outline his whole body however, the ones located on the arms are covered but can still be felt or seen if looked closely.

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The Leaf

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As a puppeteer should, Toka loves to stay in the dark when possible however does not mind the light. He's introverted and slightly not all there in the head. Friendly yet not all the time, he only says a few words though with the right thinking people know exactly what it is he says. Toka likes to be alone however does not hate company. He's very stubborn sometimes however, that could easily be conquered by explaining things to him. Toka usually talked as if he was depressed even if he wasn't. Toka is slightly insane as well as a sadist. He talks to himself and enjoys to see his enemies in pain. Mainly acting as if he is dead since that is what he felt like almost all the time from not a lot of friendships being on his side. Though after his evil and twisted side was unleashed during the Chunin exams, he has become a bit more dark however he has become also a bit more friendly due to him knowing that he would only do something for somebody as long as he gains something from it and of course to hopefully acquire new found friends within Konoha. Ever since the Chūnin exams, Toka has shown the ability to talk more however, everything he still hasn't grown a sense of humor. He feels as if death lingers all around everybody, even himself. Toka seems to be even darker now though he still acts friendly due to the simple fact that he does not want many enemies inside Konoha even if he doesn't mind having them. Through times, he can be seen not giving a single emotion to any type of situation, even in his own death of it were to come near. Anymore, he only leaves his apartment for supplies, training (during the night) and missions. The taste of blood is always on his tongue no matter what, he will kill anything to quench his thirst for a kill. Due to his dark manner, the only friend he was able to land was Katsuo Kaguya, for they saw in almost the exact same way. When Toka can, he likes to go out of his apartment to be around his only friend.

Nindo Edit

The strings of life pull me towards the goal of death however, I shall prevail and be victorious.

I'll kill anybody that stands in my way, if it involves victory.

Something that will benefit me, is something that I will of course have a hand in.

Why are you so boring?

If you stay in my way, I will kill you.

Do you truly want to die?

Fear is everywhere though, you haven't been shown true fear...

Darkness fills this wretched world and I'm just another one of the shadows...

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Shirogane Clan

The Shirogane were said to be comprised of ninja with meagre skill compared to the other existing shinobi clans. However, they were highly proficient in the puppet-making arts, as it was their apparent inferiority that led to them developing the Puppet Walkers. These Puppet Walkers are superior to normal puppets in general since they can operate without a nearby puppeteer as they can be manipulated from a distance, and are capable of getting up after receiving multiple hits from the opposition.

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S-Rank Missing Nin

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(Character's advanced nature goes here. This is only possible at Tier 2 or above. Your advanced nature must be approved by your Kage. Example: Lava Release)

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Chokuto, Hands, Feet, Blood Angel

Puppet List Edit

Each puppet is hidden in their own scroll.

Blood Angel - The name of this puppet is Blood Angel. It was 6ft tall and cloaked in a robe of the darkest shade of black. Underneath a wide hood was a white piece of wood that was shaped somewhat like a head, without facial features save for empty eye-sockets. The pristine steel was made out to be part of a curved scythe-blade that was attached to a 6ft shaft. The puppet's skeleton like hands were seen clasped around the dark purple staff as if it were holding something more dearly than its soul while it had bat-like wings able to tear through the back of its black cloak. Each wing had a span of 6ft horizontally and 4ft vertically; each made of a light frame coated in a hardening goo that made up the outer layer while leaving the inside of each wing hollow. Finally a tail-like appendage could break free from the back of the puppet's cloak, its sharp tip can easily rip through cloth before an entire 8ft tail arose behind the faceless puppet like a scorpions tail, dripping a red liquid. The carved wood that looked like the head of a mannequin; though more sinister. The name comes from this poison which has a most unusual effect. It makes people think they have died, they stop sensing their own heartbeat and start to feel more and more numbed as time goes by even though they still function perfectly well. It was as if they felt their own body slip away from the clutches of their soul, as if they were falling into hell or being raised into heaven. Even though it held little to no defensive capabilities and was quite flimsy; using speed, cunning, and its range of mobility with the wings and tail that also proved valuable assets in combat. (This puppet was given to Toka Shirogane by Kagu Shirogane) Over the years of Toka having Blood Angel in his armory, he decided that it was finally time to get him up to par with more armor so he isn't as easily damaged. First upgrade being is that over his wooden body, a good three layers of thin iron were applied and bolted into him to give him more defensive capabilities. With that being said, Blood Angel's wings have been reinforced with iron. This upgrade allows him to cover more ground with his wings and allows him to go higher into the air from leaps. Even though they are reinforced so they don't fall apart from strong flaps of the wings, it is still liable for them to break when under too much wind pressure. Last but not least, the scorpion like tail has been also reinforced with the same amount of iron as the wings.

Databook Edit

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Inteligence Strength Speed Stamina Bukijutsu - Kenjutsu Puppetry Hand Seals Total
Genin 2 1 .5 2 1 2 2 .5 1 1 13.5
Chunin 2 1.5 1 2.5 1 3 3 1 1 1.5 18
Jounin 3 1.5 1 3 2 4 4 1.5 2 2 22.5
Special Jounin 3 2.1 1 3 2 4.5 4.5 2 2 2 26.1
S-Rank 3.3 3.2 1 3.2 2.5 5.5 5.5 2 2.5 2.5 31.2

Chakra colour Edit

Midnight Purple

Gadgets Edit

Within each puppet, Toka has a camera in both eye sockets while on him, he has a visual feedback receptor that allows him to see what the puppet sees once he turns the receptor on. It lingers over the right eye and is in the shape of an eye patch. When Toka keeps this eye patch on daily due to him having his eye injured during the Chunin exams. Once activated, he can see everything that the puppet sees. Also within each puppet is a microphone which gives feedback, back to a small hearing piece that Toka also has and puts it into his ear in order to hear what the microphone picks up. Plus he also has an out going microphone inside the puppet so he may speak while his voice is then transmitted through the out going microphone so he can pose as a puppet. When using more than one puppet, Toka can switch through the cameras in order to see through each one however, he can only use one puppet camera at a time.

Weapons Inventory Edit

Maximum capacity at Genin and Chuunin (50 pieces). Jounin/ANBU (70 pieces) Sage/S-Rank/Kage (80 pieces).

  • Kunai (cost 2 pieces): 3
  • Shuriken (cost 1.5 pieces): 0
  • Senbon (cost 1 pieces each): 25
  • Makibishi (cost 0.5 pieces each): 4
  • Smoke Bomb (cost 3 pieces each): 3
  • Paper Bomb (cost 4 pieces each): 3
  • Any sword (cost 6 pieces each): 1
  • Any other weaponry: (cost 10 pieces each): 1

Blood Angel, Chokuto (All of which are in scrolls.)

Total: 70

Poisons and Serums Edit

Using the seeds of a Laburnum anagyroide to make a specific poison that can cause drowsiness, weakness, lack of coordination, headaches and vision difficulty. The effects of this poison would only last for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the dosage as well as depending on if it seeps into a cut or directly into the blood stream by impalement. This poison holds the color of purple.

The name comes from this poison which has a most unusual effect. It makes people think they have died, they stop sensing their own heartbeat and start to feel more and more numbed as time goes by even though they still function perfectly well. This poison holds the color of blood red.

From the seeds of Wild and cultivated cherries, he developed a poison that can become very fatal in different ways. This is his most unused poison due to its effects. When this poison infests the target it releases cyanide hours after going into the blood stream of the target; Abdominal pain, vomiting, lethargy, sweating; Coma can result; Can be fatal. Due to such effects, Toka tends to only use this poison in life threatening moments. This poison holds the color of bright blue.

Toka also carries vials containing the antidotes for each poison.

Toka Shirogane was able to develop a serum that increases the speed, strength, intelligence and pain resistance. Once this serum is injected into the body, the user has only 5 to 10 minutes to do what he/she needs to. This serum is only to be used in dire needed times and only once a day. If used anymore than once a day, the user will fall into a coma and may die of heart failure. Keeping the factor that within this state that the user feels no pain. This serum does not increase chakra levels nor gives the user more chakra. When the serum wears off, the user ends up getting a rush of pain however, only a small amount if they are moving. Once the user relaxes, the pain starts to commence even more which rises to the actual level of pain that the wounds were supposed to inflict on the user. This serum holds the color of white. (Boosts up speed, strength and intelligence by 1 point. Lasts 2 to 3 posts. Upon 3rd post it wears off however, it only lasts 2 to 3 due to how much happens between the posts and the amount of time is said through said posts.)

Jutsu List Edit

Academy Jutsu


Allies Edit

Katsuo Kaguya

Enemies Edit


Background Information Edit

Let us speak of the story of Toka Shirogane. From the beginning, he was a fairly average child, as normal as the next. It wasn't, however, until somewhere around the fifth year in Toka's own life that things went for the worse. The reason for why I tell you it goes wrong this specific day is because of the fact that his parents died of that one specific year. Better yet was that he was the one to walk upon and find the scene in his own home, blood and gore put apart everywhere like striations of paint and matter across the living room. This was something that would define who Toka Shirogane is, casting him off as insocial being with no care or concern for those around. Alone, Toka would remain in his original house as an emancipated child. Even that too was a memory burnt away quite literally as not too soon after the incident the house caught fire in a cooking incident. Slowly, one by one the original personality and very physical being of Toka Shirogane was changed as the fire took away what else he could hold onto and cause severe burns that would last for years on his body as a constant reminder of the dead. After this set of events, Toka could only become a more enstranged individual where he would have to just stride on in the Academy and in life in order to focus on the one thing he had left that made him continue. There he would learn the basics of ninjutsu, and would sometimes come to the guidance of his superior clan's members to continue his skills in even that. This marks the end of Toka's general early life, and his life as a shinobi beginning after he graduated from the Academy. There he would be teamed up with Miku Uzumaki (Team captain), Katsuo Kaguya, and Kasumi Hozuki. This 4-man cell would make up Squad 3. Of the first friend he had since he was a child, Toka came across Katsuo Kaguya who was an orphan much like him. The two, most disturbed given their own past and raising, were easy to come across as good friends and together they would become “The Strange One's” in remarks to those around. Kasumi, unfortunately paired with the two, and perhaps standing out aside from comparison to her and her same sane captain by the name of Miku Uzumaki. Things would remain generally okay, but as always some other unfortunate events happened to Toka. Such is when things only began to grow worse for the already tormented mind, the Chunin Exams approached and Katsuo had been busy making “friends” or those who he could manipulate like Toka's own puppets. This made doubt appear in their friendship, making the team beginning to seem distant as ever. Communications broke down, and Toka seemed to have been left in the dust by his only friend who as well was suffering from similar stress. This showed in the Chunin Exams, where they scarcely managed to get past the first round where they went through the Forest of Death. There, integrity in team structure was seen to be faulty as revised by those who were watching all the activity through the eye's of the camera's around. But through mere skill alone, Squad 3 managed to bring the Scroll of Earth to the given destination and they pulled through. Then after came the second test, where those who passed would then be subjegated to one on one fights against those other squads which had passed. The story, a bit long to describe as it was but in the end it resulted with Toka covered in the blood of his enemy for when he lost his cool, and a near-similar thing for when Katsuo almost went in the same footsteps, but managed to stop himself from going so far. The new Squad Three was then to be broken apart as Miku would no longer teach Katsuo or Toka given their violent personalities. So for that Toka would often be sent in pairs with his friend, who eventually came together once more when Katsuo had to restart on the social chain from where he once was. This lasted for a while, the two often seen in all the squads around and even someitmes sent on special missions given their skill as a dynamic duo. But that too came to close, Katsuo being picked off for ANBU and there Toka was left alone once again. So is the life of someone who had a puppet and a disturbed person for friends, there Toka's story ends but that does not mean it has truly ended for itself. For even now, the skilled puppeteer works hard as a shinobi, ever-trying on becoming better than his superiors.

Roleplaying Library Edit

(Ask anyone ranked Jounin and above to help filling out your library.)

Spars and Battles: Edit

Toka Shirogane vs Hayate Namikaze

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Story Progression: Edit

To The Pound! D-Rank Mission

The Midnight Killing

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