Tools Edit

Tools are things that shinobi use with in a battle, they aren't necessarily weapons but they can be very beneficial. A Tool is something that is generally carried by hand and has generally one function to serve. A tool can be something such a as a poison, or a rope. Something that can do damage or get you out of stick situations.

Weapons Edit

Weapons are things that shinobi use that generally help them in combat. Weapons come in various shapes and sizes, some weapons are even a custom to certain users. Weapons are generally something that are used to caused damage or seriously injure someone or something. Weapons can range from being something super small such as a makabishi or something a lot larger such a scythe.

Why are they important? Edit

Tools and weapons are used all among shinobi, most shinobi hold atleast one or two tools/weapons upon them. The types of tools can vary just as shinobi can, there is tools for just about any type of ninja out there, anywhere from an academy student to a medical ninja, to the kage. Weapons and tools also give a very big helping hand with in combat, even though ninja have ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, weapons/tools are still a handy thing to have.

The Different Types of Tools and Weapons Edit

Arrows: Costs 0.5 piece.

Blood Increasing Pill: Costs 3 points.

Bō : Costs 3 (Wooden) 6 (Steel, metal)

Bow: Costs 6 points.

Chakra Blade: Costs 6 points (per pair.)

Chakra Enhance Triple-Bladed Claw: Costs 6 points.

Chakrams: Cost 6 points (per pair.)

Explosive Tag: Costs 4 points.

Flash Bomb: Costs 3 points.

Fuma Shuriken: Costs 5 points.

Giant Folding Fan: Costs 8 points.

Injection Shot: Costs 1 piece.

Injection Shot Sniper: Costs 4 points.

Katana: Costs 5 points.

Kunai: Costs 2 points.

Kusarigama: Costs 6 points.

Makibishi: Costs 0.5 Points.

Nunchaku: Costs 5 points.

Ōdachi: 8 points.

Paper Bomb: 4 points.

Poison: Varies.

Puppet: Costs 10 points.

Scroll: Costs 1 (small), 3 (medium), 6 (large)

Scythe: Costs 8 points.

Senbon: Costs 1 piece.

Shuriken: Costs 1.5 points

Smoke Bomb: Costs 3 points.

Tanto: Costs 5 points.

Questions? Edit

If you have any questions about any of the weapons click the link to the weapon (The bold word) and check it out. If you still have questions after that feel free to ask one of the higher ups about the weapon.

Custom Weapons and Tools Edit

Custom weapons are weapons that are unique to a certain character, either its two weapons mashed up into one or the weapon belongs to a certain clan. In any case you will have to fill out a custom weapons page. Though ask a higher up before doing this, for the weapon may already be known but just not listed in the tool and weapon list above. There is also certain items in the list above that may need to have a custom tool template filled out. Some of those things would be, poisons, and puppets.

Ranks Edit

As you probably already know from reading previous stuff, FGN has a ranking system. Which means that for the tools there's also a key part with in the ranking system. Each rank is allowed a certain amount of pieces to use upon tools. Pieces are like money with in the naruto world though pieces are used strictly for tools and weapons.

Genin/Chūnin: 50 points. Edit

Jōnin/Anbu: 70 points. Edit

Sage/S-Rank/Kage: 80 points. Edit

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