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    May 29, 2015 by Hastur.exe

    As some of you know, one of our members recently left us (Heki), and in order to prevent any spread of gossip we just want to clarify that nothing bad happened. Heki just took a bit of a blow to his pride after this conversation and led to the ending of this log which you can see below. This isn't a big ordeal, the reason why we're doing this is so that people don't make a big ordeal about it.

    [4:43:50 PM] *** Hastur added Blutige Blitz, M ***

    [4:44:44 PM] Hastur: Alright, Heki, there are a few things we need to address.

    [4:44:54 PM] M: Aight

    [4:45:26 PM] Hastur: I want to just say, this is more or less because of observation of character and looking at other possible people for big positions like the one I nominated you for.

    [4:46:18 PM] Hastu…

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