As some of you know, one of our members recently left us (Heki), and in order to prevent any spread of gossip we just want to clarify that nothing bad happened. Heki just took a bit of a blow to his pride after this conversation and led to the ending of this log which you can see below. This isn't a big ordeal, the reason why we're doing this is so that people don't make a big ordeal about it.

[4:43:50 PM] *** Hastur added Blutige Blitz, M ***

[4:44:44 PM] Hastur: Alright, Heki, there are a few things we need to address.

[4:44:54 PM] M: Aight

[4:45:26 PM] Hastur: I want to just say, this is more or less because of observation of character and looking at other possible people for big positions like the one I nominated you for.

[4:46:18 PM] Hastur: Recently it was discussed in the Council about what we have for Village head, and some of us are displeased. For the sake of friendship, I cannot name any of the people who brought up these concerns.

[4:46:40 PM] M: Hm? Didn't you tell me it was me a few days ago?

[4:46:52 PM] Hastur: I said you were the only one in sight, I believe.

[4:47:00 PM] Hastur: Anyway.

[4:47:11 PM] M: [Thursday, May 28, 2015 12:53 PM] Hastur: 

<<< Well, I just want to know because I know that we here would prefer that our village head be focused on this group. I'm sure there are others who could perhaps fill the spot though, that is if you won't be responsible enough for this job I trusted you with. I trust that you will be responsible though, after all we are friends.

[4:47:34 PM] Hastur: That's not really saying much in regards to you being official village head.

[4:47:45 PM] Hastur: Hell, you're profile isn't really approved of yet.

[4:47:54 PM] Hastur: So please, let me continue with what I was saying.

[4:49:11 PM] M: Well you literally said "You're good in that position"

[4:49:14 PM] M: But ok, do continue

[4:49:45 PM] Hastur: After reviewing other possible candidates, we've found people who we would find of better character and in turn can potentially more benefit the gorup in that position than we have with you there. Because of that, we've decided in a vote that we would have a different village head.

[4:50:11 PM] M: Better character?

[4:50:52 PM] Hastur: I don't mean to sound rude when I say this, but you're not exactly the kind of person one would think for a suitable village head to take upon that sort of responsibility.

[4:51:04 PM] Hastur: Not saying you can't.

[4:51:06 PM] M: You said it was just an irp role, so why would I need to act all digilent in ooc.

[4:51:28 PM] M: I can roleplay any role. Who I am in real life has jack all to do with that

[4:51:43 PM] Hastur: Heki.

[4:52:02 PM | Edited 4:52:08 PM] Hastur: When I'm talking, I mean to keep on talking. I don't mean to come off as rude, but you're making me impatient with interuppting me.

[4:52:31 PM] Hastur: As I was trying to say.

[4:53:16 PM] Hastur: Looking over past scenarios, and with what we may see even now, we just can't see as a fitting village head and this is why the decision was made.

[4:53:56 PM] Hastur: To further explain, we've noted many ways of misdemeanor, disappearances; etc. which when overall looking at it doesn't make you seem like the stable person this RP needs for its first village head.

[4:54:37 PM] Hastur: You don't exactly have a good rep, which can in turn lead to bad ordeals on our behalf as well.

[4:55:01 PM] Hastur: All of these things can easily affect the community in one way or another.

[4:55:13 PM] Hastur: You can speak now.

[4:55:16 PM] Hastur: BRB.

[4:55:28 PM] M: I can speak whenever I want,

[4:55:45 PM] M: But since you feel inclined to stop typing when I do, I let you.

[4:55:57 PM] M: e.e' It's called politeness

[4:56:28 PM] M: Anyway it's all good. Though we both know this is about you being scared of your place of authority. Which has been showing quite evidently these past days

[4:56:34 PM] Hastur: Back.

[4:56:38 PM] M: But don't worry. Have your fun :)

[4:56:43 PM] *** M has left ***

Further on, to explain what this situation is about, as you can see from the log this is about Heki being rejected as village head. We hope that things turn up fine for him wherever he goes from here, and maybe when he comes to handle a bit of his ego: Then he can come back.

However, as of now, as you can see: He is simply acting childish whenever we tried to handle a very simple matter.

Any questions on the situation can be asked below, or you can contact some of the Council in order to ask about it.

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