Wingardium Technique
EnglishWingardium Technique

Wind Release Wind Release

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An ability which grants invisible 'wings' of winds to an item.


This technique revolves around chakra flow at the basics. But rather than increasing the lethality and sharpness of a weapon, this jutsu uses another aspect of wind to levitate an object.

The user does not need to touch an object in order to use this technique. When activating this technique the object becomes wrapped by a light blue aura and is capable of flight at high speeds for those with high chakra control, as fast as a giant Hawk/thrown Kunai.

  • It costs more chakra to sustain levitation of a heavy object as opposed to a light object, making it very taxing to carry something heavy for more than a few seconds.
  • Carrying other people by their clothes can easily be counteracted through any logical means such as holding onto something, or using chakra to cut off or destroy the wings.
  • Multiple smaller objects, such as Kunai/Rocks, can be controlled at the same time.
  • The user has to point their hand or Casting Tool at the object, or touch said object, and make an upwards swooping motion to bring the technique to 'life' and make objects float.
  • Works especially well with a Chakra Tuned Medium such as Azure's Staff

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